• Week 8

    van gogh

    I can use the elements of shape and pattern to create a Van Gogh inspired paper city.

    Van Gogh was an impressionist painter. His painting, The Starry Night (seen below) was done with oil on canvas. Watch this video to learn more about one of the worlds most famous artist. 

    van gogh


    What you’ll need:

    • Scissors
    • Glue sticks
    • Colored paper
    • Paint (whatever colors you have or would enjoy using for your Starry Swirls)
    • Black 12″ x 18″ paper for buildings


    Step One: Creating the Starry Swirls

    step one

    Children are encouraged to make swirls, spots and dribbles with their paints. My goal was to just get the paint on the paper.


    Step Two: Creating the Skyscrapers


    While your paint is drying you can create your skyscrapers using your black paper.

    It might be easier to use a rectangle and cut the top part to create a custom skyscrapers. It’s a simple as cutting out small squares and rectangles from the top and sides of each piece. Have the students glue the skyscrapers as they go, going from one side of the paper to the next.


    Step Three: Adding windows and doors

    This step can take a bit of time. Using whatever supply of paper scraps you might have at home let the kids dig through the mess to add windows and doors to their black paper skyscrapers. Some kiddos might choose to be more meticulous and others, well, not so much. Either is fine. Encourage their creatively and let me have fun. You can use strips and then cut the strips into small rectangles and glue them to the windows. Same for the doors.

    I hope you enjoyed creating your very own Van Gogh inspired City at Night.


    Don't forget to email your art teacher Mrs. Russell or Mrs. Platteborze a picture of you and your finished art so we can see what AMAZING work you created. We will then put your picture on our art webpage under ART SHOWCASE. I know everyone misses seeing each other and our awesome art so this gives us a way to still do that.