Welcome to Mr. Crandall's Mathematics Page.

  • John Crandall
     Welcome to the 2016-2017! 
    I had a medical emergency this past Saturday and I will be unable to start school with you. Mr. Walker will start the new year with you. Please be kind and helpful for him. I hope to see you in October!
    Whats new! I shaved off my "goat" It looked weird after my motorcycle ride this summer. I went to Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon with Mr. Lockman (Jackson) and Mr. Wilson (Everett) Good times! 
    This school year I have the opportunity to teach the following courses:
    PreCalculus (Math 141/142) This is a college in the high school course eligible for 5 credits through Everett Community College. Details will be given out in class about the third week of school.
    Algebra 1, same as last year! Great opportunities to start the school year on a positive note!
    If you have questions contact me at 425-385-4563 or email: Mr. John Crandall