• Elizabeth Watson-East Welcome to Resource Math with Beth Watson-East.  
    I am a graduate of the Western Washington University. I love to work with students; I learn so much from them.  I like to see things from their perspectives.  Each student adds to my tool-kit ideas that I've used with other students over the years.  
    I love to problem-solve, not just math problems, but logic problems, sudoku, and crosswords.  I also love science and being outdoors.  My husband and children are all in science related careers.  We love to hike, notice and wonder.  Nature makes me curious and that feeds my interest in questioning and problem solving.  Years ago, my family stumbled on the erratic below while hiking around in the woods near my house on Whidbey Island.  Makes me wonder, how much ice was underneath this rock before the glacier melted away. 
    Beth and an erratic.