Hello Students and Families:

     Today is Monday, March 23, 2020. 

    Students in my 2nd, 3rd and 6th periods should see the new assignment in Google Classroom. You will be doing a journal entry reflecting on how you are coping during this time. You also will give someone three (3) peices of advice for staying busy.

    Students in my 1st period ELL class join the ZOOM on Wednesday, April 1 @ 9:00am. Go to Google Classroom to find the link. See you then!   

    Please remember to check your email and log into Google Classroom daily for updates. 

    For students in my Lanugage Acquisition 1st period: Open the Quizlet site to do practices as assigned or on your own.

    Together we will get through this difficult time. Stay safe and get outside and play!



    Dr. Scott F. Coleman

    ELL Teacher-Everett HS

    Scott Coleman