Meet the Teacher Librarian

  • School Picture Libraries mean everything to me.  As a young child I remember getting on my bike and heading to the public library to escape my noisy house. The librarians would help me set up the opaque projector so I could shine illustrations on the wall and trace them onto poster paper. I would be lost for hours in my art.  In middle school, I recall checking out cassette tapes and records; listening and learning about different kinds of music, another love of mine.  And then there are the books: Oh, my heart. The books.
    The Boxcar Children makes me think of my mom, who read to us on a snow day in front of the fire.  Anne of Green Gables, my favorite gift in 3rd grade, inspired a friend and me to wear dresses for the rest of the year.  (Weirdos, I know.) Where the Red Fern Grows brought my 4th grade class to tears when Mrs. Black read it to us. We were so mad at her! Why would she knowingly make us so sad? And during my high school years, Holden Caulfield made me understand that I wasn't alone in this world of phonies. As an adult, during my first year as a teacher, I was able to witness Harry Potter's effect on reading. It changed everything.  I couldn't go anywhere without seeing a copy in the hands of adults and children alike! The anticipation for the sequels was like nothing I had ever seen.  It was truly magical. 
    Today, I see how books help create an understanding of other viewpoints and cultures that might be different than your own.  I've also seen how students can navigate problems by identifying with a character.  I believe that libraries are the great equalizer in our society; providing access to information and resources for EVERYONE. 
    My hope is that when you walk into our library, you feel like you belong. I hope you will read something for pure enjoyment and at the same time, that you will also find something that challenges your thinking.  I hope you will find it to be a place where you can collaborate, create and be innovative.
    If you ever want to talk about books, you've found a kindred spirit!  I look forward to hearing about what you are reading, learning or creating. You are welcome here.
    Ms. Payne