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    Student Technology Use Agreement (English)   arabic    spanish    Russian    vietnamese

    Reference: Everett Public Schools Students Technology Policy 3245 and Procedure 3245

    Commonly asked questions:

    • How does the district monitor for acceptable usage compliance?

    All Internet traffic, including email and file storage, on district resources is logged and can be reviewed if concerns arise. Students may be able to delete their browsing history on the laptop, but all Internet activity is also logged centrally at the district office.

    • What if my device needs to be repaired?

    Occasionally, unexpected problems occur with computers that are not the fault of the user (computer crashes, software errors, etc.) The technology department will assist students with having these fixed at no cost. Students will be provided a temporary replacement, known as a "loaner." Students are responsible for the care of the loaner while issued to them.

    • What if we don’t have Internet access at home?

    The district does not require families to have Internet access, though it would be helpful for students. The district provides options for qualifying families to have home access for students whose families cannot afford Internet service. Contact your school for more details.

    A complete list of frequently asked questions is available in the handbook.

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