• Office 365 for Education Working in a cloud environment allows both staff and students anywhere, any time access to their documents. It promotes the ability to easily collaborate and provides access to Office Online products.

    In Everett Public Schools, Office 365 includes the option for staff and students to download Office software at home and use the client version of Office products for the duration of their time as a student or as an employee of the school district.

    Additionally, Everett Public Schools offers the eLearning tutorial platform Hoonuit to learn even more.

    Microsoft Training highlights:

    Office 365 for Education is continuously evolving. New capacity and features are embedded in the online tools. For staff and students to stay current, we encourage using the rich body of resourcss provided directly by Microsoft Training. It is not required but you can join the Educator Community using your district acount at ID#@apps.everettsd.org.

    OFFICE 365 for Education