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    May 25, 10:30am-1:30pm EHS Job Fair We are excited to announce our first student EHS Job Fair. The idea came directly from our students at our January Community Outreach meeting. We are looking for local businesses who are interested in participating. Contact Dayna Weir at dweir@everettsd.org if you have questions. 

    Welcome to Everett High PTA! Whether you’re new to EHS or a “seasoned” EHS family, we extend a warm welcome to you!  It is the goal of the EHS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to help create a strong inclusive school community by:

    • Engaging caring adults;
    • Providing volunteer support at school activities;
    • Providing financial resources to students and faculty;  
    • Partner with EHS and ESD staff to ensure all EHS students are healthy, safe, and well educated.
    Through collective efforts over the past several years, the EHS PTA has been able to support numerous events and activities including; Reflections art competition, bingo night, cultural night, monthly staff appreciation events and run an extremely successful auction that benefited 50 different clubs, sports teams and booster groups!


    HOW YOU CAN HELP: Share your time, talent or treasure!

    For more information: Contact Barb Lawrence, fw221@mac.com