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    My schedule this year:  
    Anatomy and Physiology(A&P)-periods 3, 4, 6
    Environmental System Design(ESD)-periods 1, 5
    Resources to use to study and learn more:
    Anatomy and Physiology:
    • For review of terms, structures, function:  quizlet.com
    • Games to test your knowledge:   www.purposegames.com      www.anatomyarcade.com 
    • Textbook online textbook and assignments:  www.masteringaandp.com 
    • Quizzes from textbook (edition 9, not 11 but still great)  http://wps.aw.com/bc_marieb_hap_9_oa/218/55856/14299218.cw/-/t/index.html
    • Crash course Anatomy and Physiology episodes:  check it out on youtube
     Find one on your own, please let me know so I can add it to our resources.
    Need to meet with me?  
    Tuesday-Friday  7-7:20am   This time is best for quick questions you may have for me.
    Monday-Thursday  2:00pm-2:45pm (later if scheduled ahead of time)  This time is best for lengthier questions or lab makeup.
    **Please double check my calendar posted in the classroom.  I may have meetings that pop up during these times. 
    Questions or concerns?  Please let me know by contacting me.  Email is the best way for a quick response, as I can check it between classes or at home.  I will do my best to respond in 24-48 hours.   

    Danielle DeLuca
    email:  DDeluca@everettsd.org