Welcome to Ms. Eisenkraft's Class

  • All of my classes can access weekly messages, tutorials, activities and assignments through our class OneNote

    If students cannot access OneNote please email me ;)


    Closure 2020 weekly schedule starting April 20, 2020

    (Pd 1)      Algebra 2  Monday     10:00-11:30   (Brief Zoom session intro)

                                     Thursday   9:05-9:50  (Brief follow-up Zoom session)

    (Pd 2)      Algebra 2  Monday     1:00-2:30     (Brief Zoom session intro)

                                      Thursday 9:55-10:40  (Brief follow-up Zoom session)

    (Pd 3)      Algebra 2  Tuesday     10:00-11:30  (Brief Zoom session intro)

                                     Thursday 10:45-11:30  (Brief follow-up Zoom session)

    (Pd 5)      Algebra 1  Wednesday  10:00-11:30 (Brief Zoom session intro)

                                      Friday 9:55-10:40  (Brief follow-up Zoom session)

    (Pd 6)       Algebra 1  Wednesday  1:00-2:30   (Brief Zoom session intro)

                                       Friday 10:45-11:30  (Brief follow-up Zoom session)


    I plan on holding a brief zoom session the first time each period is scheduled to introduce the week's learning targets and to answer general questions. 

    The rest of the scheduled time is for you to watch the tutorials and engage in the activities and assignments. 

    There will also be a second brief Zoom session for each class at the end of the week or the second time each period is scheduled to answer more specific questions about the week's activities. 

    Feel free to message by email or REMIND re: activities or general questions or concerns ANYTIME.  Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.  I look forward to seeing you all in person soon!


    Kristi Eisenkraft


    Kristi Eisenkraft