Current Updates Surrounding School Closure

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    Wednesday March 18, 2020 

    During this time of school closures we would like to reiterate the messages school-based staff have been receiving regarding student engagement materials.   

    Student Engagement materials include the following: 

    • Standards-aligned student engagement and learning activities to reinforce or extend current learning 
    • Guidance for families to support engagement, and 
    • Online resources with which students have familiarity. 

    They do not include: 

    • Replication of classroom instruction 
    • Assignments that will be collected, assessed and graded during school closure 
    • Monitoring students’ access of online tools or recourse, or 
    • Providing an exhaustive list of options. 


    Monday March 16, 2020 

    Today, Monday, March 16, our entire staff is experiencing a day of professional development related to how to support student engagement during the closure. Teachers will be communicating using online or cloud-based support platforms which will be the primary access point for students and parents. Teachers will be using a variety of support platforms such as email, Canvas, Google Classroom, their individual websites, and other cloud-based avenues to communicate with students and support their continued engagement. This is not intended to replace traditional instruction, but instead intended to support student engagement and provide a way for communication to continue to take place between teachers and their students during the closure.

     There are still many questions that have not been answered at this point, but we continue to work to try and find ways to support students and families during this difficult time.

     A reminder that we will be providing food for students during the closure. Please see the attached document for specific information regarding pre-ordering meals and pickup times and locations.