Welcome to Ms. Margarita Hurtado's Class

  • Margarita Hurtado Bienvenidos!
    Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. This is my third year teaching here at Everett High School and it is an honor to be your Spanish teacher.
    Prior to arriving at EHS, I spent seventeen years at Cascade Highschool teaching various Spanish courses. It is my life passion to teach and feel privileged to be able to use my Hispanic heritage and background and be a resource to you, my student.  
    This year I am teaching the following: 
    - Spanish 3rd Year
    - AP Spanish Language and Culture
    - AP Spanish Literature and Culture
    While these courses are challenging, I believe that you are very capable of mastering the Spanish language. I am excited to have you as my student and I encourage you to be excited as well. You will learn more about the Spanish language and the various cultural elements that make Hispanic and Latin American so rich. As a student, you will develop and expand your knowledge in man areas from writing, listening, reading, and speaking more than just conversational Spanish. 
    My courses will prepare you to write essays and present your ideas in a well structured and organized manner while preparing you to take the AP Exam. 
    Please take the time to read the syllabus for your respective course, understand the expectations and how the courses are structured and graded.  
    Regarding my overall expectations, I am very much invested in REP Everett: Be Respectful, Be Engaged, Be Prepared.
    I am looking forward to another year fulfilled the expansion of knowledge and lots of more Spanish!
    Hola !
    It is time to be in touch during this time and be engaged and have some communication, I will create a way to set up a class ,please  e-mail me all your concerns to help you.
     e-mail <mhurtado@everettsd.org>
    About Me:
    I was born in Cusco, Peru. Some of you may know about Peru from your studies on the Inca Empire and Culture that occupied the majority of land in South America during the Pre Columbian Era.
    Prior to coming to America, I was a Math and Physics teacher in Peru. Once here, it made sense for me to use my passion for teaching high school students a subject that I could relate to at many levels, therefore I became your Spanish Teacher.
    As teachers, we are called to be lifelong learners, and that meant that I needed to increase my teaching capabilities and expand my knowledge of the Spanish language itself as being a native speaker could limit my service to students. I enrolled in a Masters program at the University of Salamanca, Spain and I graduated in 2005 with a Master of Spanish Language and Culture.
    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my daughter, my two sons, and I have a seven-year-old grandson. At home, I have 2 small dogs and I love cooking traditional Peruvian food and spend time in fellowship with my local church. 
    Margarita Hurtado