• Everett High PTA
    Board Chairs
    Presidents:                      Brenda White  EHSPTA@Outlook.com
    Vice-President:                Michelle Hartley
    Treasurer:                        Jennifer Goodhart
    Secretary:                        Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey and Gina Luscher
    Principal:                          Kelly Shepherd
    Staff representative:       Deborah Payne DPayne@everettsd.org  
    The EHS PTA has numerous committees that work on specific events and projects.To join a committee or volunteer during an event, please contact PTA president, Brenda White EHSPTA@outlook.com.
    Auction Committee 
    Responsible for coordinating the annual EHS fundraising auction including; ticket sales, sponsorships, donations, food & beverages, and logistics. 
    • Committee Co-Chairs:   Mee Yoke McGuire and Cindy Dean
    • Procurement:                   
    • Registration:                    
    • Ticket Sales:                       
    • Decorations:                    
    • Beverages/Bar:                
    • Food:                                
    • Fund A Need:                   
    Blue & Gold Liaison
    Responsible for the successful collaboration between PTA and Blue & Gold. Blue and Gold is an alumni-based booster group that provides great support to EHS. The group meets monthly to vote on the use of funds for school and student needs, in addition to hosting events like the homecoming tailgate.
    • Blue & Gold Liaison:               Jane Johnson 
    • Blue & Gold President:           Rich White
    Grants Committee
    Responsible for coordinating the staff grant application process, reviewing applications received and making funding recommendations to the full PTA board.
    • Committee Board Sponsor:   Brenda White
    • Committee Members:            Wendy Needham, Heather Wallace, Jesseca Emerson
    Membership Committee
    Responsible for coordinating the annual EHS PTA membership drive, promoting the benefits of PTA, monitoring enrollment, collecting dues, and maintaining membership records.  It is also responsible for coordinating refreshments and giveaways and staffing a PTA table for various events as requested by the school.  Events typically include: Homecoming Tailgate Party, Homecoming Dance and Campus Day.
    • Committee Chair:                  Randy Johnson
    • Events Assistant:                   Yvonne Davis

    Hospitality Committee
    Responsible for coordinating refreshments and staffing a PTA table for various events as requested by the school. Events typically include: Homecoming Tailgate Party, Senior Awards and AP testing.

    • Committee Board Sponsor:   Michelle Hartley
    Reflections Committee
    Responsible for coordinating the national PTA Art competition at EHS. Tasks include: program promotion, distribution of entry forms, collecting student artwork and forms, displaying artwork, organizing judging, submitting artwork to the district and hosting a reception for participants.
    • Committee Co-Chairs:           Cynthia Gaub and Melissa Tracy
    Staff Appreciation Committee
    Responsible for coordinating monthly staff appreciation events and daily recognition during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.
    • Committee Board Sponsor:     Gina Luscher
    • Committee Members:              
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Responsible for helping to fill volunteer requests from the school and PTA throughout the year. Tasks include, downloading volunteer information from the district, recruiting new volunteers, responding to volunteer requests, communicating with and connecting volunteers to events/projects/committees. Volunteer requests include; text book check out, picture retakes, dance chaperones, field trip chaperones, helping at events (“HS and Beyond”, freshman orientation, etc.)
    • Committee Chair:                    Randy Johnson

    Posts periodic updates to the EHS PTA website.

    • Webmaster:                              Emily Fowler
    Audit Committee
    (Appointed in January) Conducts a review of EHS PTA accounting paperwork from the prior school year. Meets one-time in July.
    • Committee Chair:                     Vacant
    • Committee Members:               Vacant
    Nominating Committee
    (Appointed in January) Recruits the EHS PTA Executive Committee for the upcoming school year.  Short-term role from approximately January – March.
    • Committee Chair:                    Vacant
    • Committee Members:              Vacant

    Golden Acorn/Outstanding Educator Committee
    (Appointed in January) Recognize the efforts of volunteers and staff by soliciting nominations and selecting winners for the PTA Golden Acorn Award and Outstanding Educator Award.” Short-term role approximately February – April.