• Heatherwood Course Requests 

  • For students going into 7th grade in Fall 2024:

    Instructions & Documents

    Step 1: Review the EPS Middle School Course Catalog for a list of required classes. Watch the same video 6th grade students watched during Hawk Time:7th Grade Pre-Registration Video. Click here for the slide deck of the 7th grade Pre-registration presentation.

    Step 2: All 7th graders received a purple copy of their own pre-registration form to take home. Parents/guardians will go over these forms and the course catalog and choose elective courses. 

    Step 3: Turn in completed pre-registration forms to your English teacher by Friday, March 8th. Feel free to turn these in as soon as they are complete to avoid any risk of losing them. :)

    Step 4: Mrs. Smith will work with students in their English classes on inputting their course requests the week of March 11th. Once these courses are inputted, students have completed the registration process.

    Additional Information:

    • More questions? You can add any additional questions on this Padlet and receive an answer within 24 hours. Click this link to ask your question
    • Purple Pre-Registration forms mistakes to fix:
      • Please add "Human Geography" as a semester-long option on the electives section.
      • Please note that "Exploring Graphic Design" class is listed twice in the electives section (Exploring Graphic Design* and Exploring Graphic Design^). It should be listed as Exploring Graphic Design *^. If you would like to take this class, please check mark either one of the Exploring Graphic Design options (they are the same class :)).
    • Video remarks:
      • AVID is a year long class (it is listed under the wrong column on the video, but is described correctly on the pre-registration form and course catalog).



  • For students going into 8th grade in Fall 2023:

    Instructions & Documents

    Step 1: Review the 8th Grade Course Options (District-created) for a list of required classes. For course descriptions, look at our Heatherwood Course Catalogue. Watch Ms. Freeman's video from Hawk Time and the slide deck.

    Step 2: All students received a copy of the registration to take home. Parents/guardians will go over the form and choose elective courses. 

    Step 3: Bring the form to your science class to reference when registering for classes with Ms. Freeman. 

    Ms. Freeman will be in science classes the week of March 11th-15th to register students for their classes on HAC. 

    March 12th - Ms. Mendoza

    March 13th - Mr. Hansen

    March 14th - Ms. Wilson

    8th Grade PE Waiver

    If interested in a PE Waiver, fill out this form 

    Summer school information:

    Middle school summer opportunities