• Heatherwood Middle School Schedule Change Policy

    Your schedule reflects what you signed up for during spring registration.
    If it does not, please make a schedule a change request in the Main Office.
    Schedule change requests will only be accepted during the first 5 days of a semester.
    If approved, school counselors will have an additional 5 days to process and make changes.
    Schedule changes may ONLY be made for the following reasons:
    You were not scheduled into a core requirement.
    You were placed in a class that was not a registration choice.
    You failed a prerequisite course and/or need to take/retake that course.
    At the school counselor’s discretion.
    We do not take schedule change requests based on lunch, period, or teacher preferences. We do not have the capacity to make schedule changes for personality differences, teaching styles, or learning styles.
    If a student has a concern with a specific teacher, they need to meet with the teacher, school counselor and/or administration to work toward a resolution.