• Schedule Change Policy

    » Student schedules reflect what the student requested during spring course selection. If it does not, please make a schedule change request in the Main Office.

    » Schedule change requests will only be accepted during the first 5 school days of a semester. School counselors will have an additional 5 school days to process and make changes, if approved.


    Allowed schedule change considerations:

    • You are not scheduled into a core class (ELA, Math, Science, History, or Fitness).
    • You failed a prerequisite course and need to retake the course.
    • You would like to move from the advanced class to the grade level class in ELA or Math. 
    • At the school counselor’s discretion or with principal approval.


    We do not consider schedule change requests based on:

    • a student's teacher preferences, class period, or lunch period.
    • teacher personality differences, teaching styles, or a student's learning style.
    • a student's friends and whether or not they have classes together.

    If a student has a concern about a specific teacher, they need to meet with the teacher, school counselor and/or administration to work toward a resolution.