EHS Jazz Audition Information:

    Everett High School Jazz Band will have NO AUDITIONS for the FALL for the 2020-2021 school year and is open to ALL band and orchestra students.
    Jazz Band classes will begin Monday September 14th and will meet from 2:35-3:35 M-Th.
    In a "normal" year, Jazz Band begins rehearsing as a select group the first DAY
    of school. Auditions are held the previous spring. Students who were a part of Jazz Band in previous years will need to
    re-audition in the spring as well. Jazz Band students must be in a co-requisite large
    ensemble (wind ensemble, concert band, or choir). All jazz band members must purchase an ASB card at the beginning of the school year.

    Required Materials:
    Jamey Aebersold — Volume 17 — Horace Silver
    Jim Snidero — Jazz Conception — Medium (bass players get trombone book)
    Drummers Only — Big Band Play Along vol. 3 Duke Ellington

    All materials are available for purchase at Kennelly Keys or online from
    jwpepper.com and other retailers.

    Tips for Success: Play all summer, sign up for a camp, take private
    lessons, listen to jazz every day, listen to one or two recordings repetitively,
    go hear live jazz as often as you can.

    Students are strongly encouraged to take private lessons on their instrument
    and will need to attend a weekly sectional rehearsal during Nesika time.

    Audition Requirements:
    Wind Players:
    1. Chromatic Scale through the range of your instrument
    2. Play the melody and improvise over any song of your choice from Jamey
    Abersold's vol. 17 (Horace Silver). Play the melody one time and then improvise a
    solo (play with conviction!)
    3. Learn any medium tempo swing tune from Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero
    focusing on your jazz articulation and swing feel.

    1. All of the above items (wind requirements) plus demonstrating comping for
    piano/guitar using a lead sheet that will be provided
    2. Bass players will trade 4s with themselves — unaccompanied

    Drummers: Please Demonstrate the Following
    1. Several Tempos of swing, bossa, samba
    2. Trade 4s soloing with themselves over a 12 bar blues form
    3. Brush technique
    4. Prepare any of the excerpts from Big Band Play Along vol. 3

    Class meets daily at 6:30am. All students are welcome to audition. The focus
    of instruction is on the uniquely American art form of jazz in the traditional
    big band instrumentation (2-3 altos, 2 tenors, 1 bari, 4-5 trombones, 4-5
    trumpets, and rhythm section). Auditions will be held again at semester time if
    necessary. Students learn improvisation skills, and are encouraged to explore
    this aspect of their musicality and to develop their improvisation skills
    through solo and feature opportunities. The Jazz Band develops an extensive
    repertoire providing extended length public performances. Participation in
    Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, or Choir is required to participate in Jazz
    Please refer to the Calendar and Band Handbook for more information regarding this class.