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    Course Description

    ¡Bienvenidos (Welcome) a su clase de español! This fast paced, interactive class will provide a more in-depth study of Spanish oral and written language while continuing to focus on cultural awareness and responsibilities as global citizens. Students will develop proficiency based on the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. These include the three modes of communication: Interpersonal (speaking/listening), Interpretive (reading/listening) and Presentational (writing/speaking). Two years of the same world language are required for college entrance, and three years are recommended/required by certain universities. I look forward to a great year working with each one of you. Please know that I’m available for help and that I want to help you succeed in your studies.


    Course Objectives: World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

    The standards indicate what students should know and be able to do as they study and learn to communicate in Spanish. There are eleven standards in five goal areas, known as the 5 Cs.

    Communication:  Communicate in another language; interpersonal, interpretive, presentational skills

    Cultures:  Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures

    Connections:  Connect with other disciplines and acquire information

    Comparisons:  Develop insight into the nature of language and culture

    Communities:  Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world


    Common Core and 21st Century Skills

    The world-readiness standards for learning languages align with the English Language Arts and Literature Common Core which includes: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Learning other languages and understanding the culture of the people who speak them is a 21st Century Skill that is vital to success in the global environment in which our students will live and work.


    Course Topics

    • Capítulo 1 Familiares y amigos Family, chores, present tense verb conjugation
    • Capítulo 2 En el vecindario Professions, house, saber vs. conocer, ser vs. estar, preterit tense
    • Capítulo 3 Pueblos y ciudades Places in the city, giving directions, preterit, formal commands
    • Capítulo 4 ¡Mantente en forma! Sports, body, accidents, advice, preterit
    • Capítulo 5 Día a día Daily routine, free time activities, reflexive verbs, possessive pronouns
    • Capítulo 6 Recuerdos Childhood activities, describing people, imperfect tense
    • Capítulo 7 ¡Buen Provecho! Food, restaurants, imperfect and preterit tense
    • Capítulo 8-10 Tiendas Clothes, preterit vs. imperfect

    School Wide Document Links

    Student rights and responsibilities http://docushare.everett.k12.wa.us/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-23084/SR&R%202017-18%20English.pdf  
    Technology Handbook  http://docushare.everett.k12.wa.us/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-89092/Parent%20and%20student%20handbook.pdf  

    Course Materials

    • Textbook ¡Exprésate! 2
    • Spiral notebook dedicated to Spanish
    • Three ring binder or folder for handouts
    • Notebook paper
    • Pencils and pens
    • School issued laptop (charged)



    Classroom Expectations

    We will live by the “Golden Rule” which states “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”

    1. Be respectful to yourself, your classmates, your instructor and school property.

    Do not interrupt. Raise your hand to be called upon. Pay attention, take notes, and participate. Listening helps you learn the language! Follow instructions the first time they are given. Be kind and courteous. Keep your cellphone, headphones, and/or other electronics out of sight (see school policy). Use your laptop in an appropriate manner. Follow the school’s technology policy. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Work quietly.

    1. Participate in all activities because they are intended to help you learn. Contribute to class discussions in a respectful manner. Have a good attitude.
    2. Be responsible for your actions.
    3. Be prepared and in your seat working when the bell rings. Be on time and attend class daily!
    4. Bring all required materials to class daily (textbook, notebook, paper, pencils, laptop).
    5. Complete all assignments and projects on time. If you have a planned absence, make arrangements to obtain make-up work prior to leaving.
    6. No cheating or plagiarism. Using translation resources (human or electronic) instead of composing one’s own work in Spanish is considered academic dishonesty. Copying constitutes cheating. Do your own work. You will be given an alternative assignment to do if caught cheating.
    7. Follow all school rules.



    The attendance policy outlined in the EHS Student Handbook will be followed. Any student missing more than five minutes of class time will be marked No Contact (NC). Students are given as many days as they were absent to make up missing assignments or tests. It is your responsibility to schedule time to make up the work. If you miss the day before a previously scheduled test, you will still be expected to take the test on time. You are considered tardy if you enter class after the bell rings or if you do not sit down upon hearing the bell. Learning a language requires hearing and speaking it, which is done in class. This class is centered on daily participation, so absences will affect a student’s overall learning.


    Hall Passes

    Hall passes are limited to independent work time. Do not ask to be out of class during a lecture. You will sign out using the clipboard by the door and take a pass with you. Do not abuse this privilege.


    Management Plan

    The purpose of the Behavior Management Guidelines is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning by teaching the practice of self-discipline, citizenship skills, and social skills. If there is a violation of school or classroom policies, incidents will result in the following:

    First incident:

    a.       Conference with student,
    b.       Parent contact, and/or
    c.        1-2 Detentions

    *Any combination of the above


    Second incident:

    a.       Conference with student,
    b.       Parent contact, and/or

    c.        2-3 Detentions

    *Any combination of the above

     Third and any further incidents:

    a.       Conference with student,
    b.       Parent contact, and
    c.       Administrator referral


    Purpose of Grading

    End of Semester Grades:  To communicate information about student proficiency on content standards.


    -- To provide information to students for self-evaluation

    -- To provide classroom/program information for student evaluation and to guide instruction

    --Common summative/formative assessments will be embedded in classroom practice to inform student progress towards standards


    Formative Assessment: Formal and informal processes teachers and students use to gather evidence for the purpose of improving learning.

    Summative Assessment: Assessments that provide evidence of student achievement for the purpose of making a judgment about student competence or program effectiveness.


    Grading Policy                      

    Summative Assessments (70%)

    You will be evaluated upon completion of each chapter through either oral or written tests, as well as occasional projects or presentations. Regardless of absences of group members, a project must be turned in on the due date. If you are absent the class immediately prior to the test, you will take it anyway. If a student refuses to test on the scheduled day or if a student cheats, he/she will receive a zero until an alternative assessment is completed. In order to do a reassessment, students must complete all assignments for the unit being assessed and have a study session with me. The reassessment must be completed within two weeks of the return of the test. Students can expect a unit test about every month.

    Formative Assessments (30%)

    Expect homework and learn to enjoy it! Homework prepares you for upcoming quizzes and tests. Unless otherwise noted, homework is due the following class period. If you do not have a formal assignment, it is expected that you spend at least 10 minutes practicing your vocabulary. Assignments will be due at the beginning of class each day – finished, organized and legible. If it is not complete when the bell rings, it is late. Assignments will be graded in class and based on completion. Complete assignments receive 2 points and incomplete or late assignments will receive at most 1 point. No late assignments will be accepted after the test day for that current chapter.


    Throughout each chapter, you will have a variety of quizzes as formative assessment. You are able to retake them if you have completed all of the assignments for the unit, have a study session with me and complete the reassessment before the current unit test. If you are absent on a pop quiz day, you will make up the quiz the day you return. If you are absent the class immediately prior to the quiz, you will take it anyway. If a student refuses to quiz on the scheduled day or if a student cheats, he/she will receive a score of zero until an alternative assessment is completed. 

    Speak as much Spanish as you can! We learn from using the language. Errors are okay. Daily oral participation points are tracked with a stamp or tally system. Earn points for speaking Spanish with your partner, group, as a volunteer, using only Spanish in class, etc. Earn 5 points a week for 100%.

    TIPS: When you enter class, turn on the “Spanish part” of your brain by greeting people in Spanish and doing your warm-up. Listen to others. Look at the speaker for visual cues and gestures. Sing along, play along, and talk with your group in Spanish during group time. Raise your hand to volunteer.


      Grading Scale                                                                                               Academic Honesty


    (93 -- 100%)

    Produces markedly superior work, consistently demonstrates a high understanding of the course objectives.

    At Everett HS we value honesty and integrity of work. Cheating on tests and homework by copying other people's work is not acceptable.  When you cheat, you will receive a failing grade for that learning activity.  Cheating includes the aiding and abetting of cheating by others. Plagiarism, the act of borrowing another author’s work without crediting that author and thereby implying that it is one’s own, is academically dishonest and a form of cheating.  Students found cheating or plagiarizing will be referred to school administration.



    (90 – 92.9%)


    (87 – 89.9%)

    Masters skills thoroughly, demonstrates a good understanding of the objectives of the course.


    (83 – 86.9%)


    (80 – 82.9%)


    (77 – 79.0%)

    Demonstrates satisfactory achievement of the course objectives.


    (73 – 76.9%)


    (70 – 72.9%)


    (67 – 69.9%)

    Does not demonstrate achievement of the course objectives, but does receive credit. Do not recommend continuing to Spanish 3.


    (60 – 66.9%)


    (59% and below)

    No credit.

    Grades are updated regularly and you can access grades on the LMS system from http://lmsinfo.everettsd.org


    Absence/Missing/Late Work Policies

    • All assignments and projects are considered late if they are not completed when the starting bell rings.
    • With an excused absence, students will have one school day per absence to make up assignments.
    • All tests/quizzes must be taken when given unless absent for two or more days prior to the test/quiz. It is your responsibility to arrange a time outside of class to make up the test/quiz. 
    • Homework is late if it is not completed when the bell rings. Students can receive 1/2 credit for a late assignment. All late assignments must be turned in before the test day for that chapter.
    • Projects drop one letter grade every day it is late. Group projects are due on the due date regardless of absences of group members.
    • If you are absent for a school sponsored activity, you must discuss your assignment options with the teacher prior to missing class.


    Reassessment Policy

    All students will have the opportunity to retake summative assessments. Formative assessments, assignments and end of course finals may be redone at the discretion of the teacher.


    Retakes may not apply to long-term, multi-step assessments such as research papers, projects, presentations or performances. In many of these cases, students receive feedback on each step of the process and have multiple opportunities to redo portions of the paper or project before final submission.


    Prior to a reassessment, students must provide evidence that relearning has occurred by completing a reassessment plan including the required formative and corrective work as determined by the teacher.


    Students must complete reassessments within a reasonable amount of time allowing for reteaching/relearning to take place. Reassessment plans should be submitted by students requesting a retake opportunity within 7 school days of receiving a grade on the original assessment and prior to the last two weeks of the current term.


    Students may be reassessed on a portion of the summative assessment, the entire summative assessment, or in a completely different format as determined by the teacher.


    All laws, statutes and policies pertaining to IEP or 504 accommodation plans remain in place and must be followed.


    Only scores less than 90% may reassess on formative assessments. All summative assessments may be reassessed.


    In order to reassess:

    1. All homework assignments must be completed.
    2. Have a study session with me.
    3. Complete a reassessment plan and review on your own.
    4. Summative assessments (tests) must be reassessed within two weeks from its return. Formative assessments (quizzes) must be reassessed before the unit test.
    5. The most recent grade will be the one recorded in the grade book.



    Guardian Responsibilities  

    • Encourage and support your high school student.
    • Help your student obtain work when absent. Information is available on my website.
    • Provide the necessary materials to aid student learning.
    • Come to Parent/Teacher conferences.
    • Contact teacher with questions or concerns.



    If you have any questions or comments, I would appreciate receiving them. I can be contacted at Everett High School between 7:00 am and 7:25 am and after 2:05 on most days or by e-mail at KBeaman@everettsd.org  I am looking forward to a great year!















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