Welcome to AP Environmental Science.

    Welcome APES students! This course is designed for you to learn about the environment you live in both on a community (Everett) level and a global (The Earth) perspective. This is an advanced science course that combines the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology and physics plus social sciences of economics, government and history to investigate environmental issues. We will discover how the interdependence of the Earth’s systems and how humans play a role. We will also examine our personal consumption habits and learn ways to be responsible global citizens in the face of environmental issues.

    Because this is a college level course, you cannot solely depend on classroom time alone for learning the material. I will act as a facilitator of the concepts, but it will be your responsibility to take notes, study and learn your vocabulary! INVEST TIME in vocabulary. When you have a basis for what the scientific language is, you will find understanding the concepts will come at an increased rate.  APES is an interdisciplinary class. Prerequisite knowledge of algebra, biology and chemistry are very helpful. My previous class’ biggest piece of advice to you is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your basic math equations by hand. We do not get to use a calculator on the AP exam. Let me repeat, no calculators.  

    APES Summer Homework 

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