• Welcome to HOSA! (HOSA should have a Canvas page soon. Fingers crossed!)
    Important Information about Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 at Everett High School! (I have hard copies of these in my room): 
    Here's the ppt from our 10/10 meeting (scroll to slide 14) 
    To go to our FLC you will need to do these things before Oct 16: 
    1) Join JHS HOSA by filling out this contract and turning in a receipt for the $30 dues (to C219)
    2) Return the signed Field trip form (ignore the first page! Here's the correct first page) and receipt for the $40 cost of FLC (to C219)
    More info about FLC is here! It's been really fun in the past and it's close by this year! Contact Mrs. Acheson or a HOSA Officer with questions, We'd love to have you join us!

    Notes from our 9/26 meeting:

    1. Take this survey! Here

    2. Interested in HOSA? Check out Hosa.org for more information. Here is a useful flowchart to help you choose: 18 - 19: What Competitive Event is Right for You? 

    3. Here's the list of events and their guidelines