• I am committed to teaching ideas and concepts in which students learn about humanity and the world around us.   In order to teach art I first developed my own skills, techniques, concepts, and understanding of the process of creating and communicating ideas.  I learned to control and manipulate different media.  I also studied art history and made connections between the arts and other content areas.  This exploration and process of learning is what I give back to my students. I believe strongly in cross content curriculums exploring ways of incorporating reading and writing, math, science, and other disciplines into the art making process.  I teach art as a way of exploring culture and diversity.  I am fortunate to have worked with adolescents of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.   At the core of learning about arts and humanities is appreciating diversity and culture.  It is important to involve the community and parents in activities or events especially those involving art.  Through this inclusion, students are creating, exploring differences, uniting their community, and developing a more global awareness built upon sharing.


    Daniel Soler