• Perseverance and

    Problem Solving

    I can persevere in solving problems, choose effective problem solving strategies, and use mathematical precision.

    Reasoning and Justification

    I can justify my reasoning, construct viable arguments, and critique the reasoning of others.


    I can understand and calculate probabilities.


    I can use rigid transformations.

    Lines and Angles

    I can use theorems, postulates, or definitions about lines and angles.


    I can understand and justify triangle similarity.


    I can understand and justify triangle congruence.


    I can use appropriate tools to find missing sides and angles in right and non-right triangles.


    I can use flow charts and two-column proofs to prove theorems about lines, angles, triangles and quadrilaterals.

    Coordinate Geometry

    I can use the coordinate grid and composite shapes to justify claims and calculate length, area, and perimeter.


    I can work with properties of circles involving angles, area, circumference, center and radius.


    I can calculate the volume of three-dimensional figures.

    Conic Sections

    I can understand and analyze cross-sections and conic sections.

    Construction and Models

    I can use tools and methods to create constructions and understand mathematical models.