• So you want to major in Psychology? Check out the following careers which use Psychology! 
     There are several options for this course. I'd love to answer any questions you have about these:
    1. AP Psychology (you take the AP Exam in May for possible college credit with a score of 3, 4,or 5)  
    2. UWHS Psych 101 (you purchase UW credit in October and get a HS grade on your HS transcript AND a UW grade and a UW transcript for the course. You will take the course final exam in May which will be a large portion of your grade)
    3. Both UW and AP (if you want guaranteed college credit AND the practice of sitting for a college-style, high stakes exam)
    4. Neither (you want to be a part of a rigorous course but aren't interested in paying for college credit. You will complete the same course, including final exam, as the other options)