• Lab Expectations:

    To participate in lab activities, students must follow all procedures described in the Flinn Safety Contract. Violation of laboratory rules will result in disciplinary action, which may include clarification of the rules, referral to an administrator, parent conference or removal from lab activities.

    Academic Expectations:

    Checking for Understanding:  I carefully plan and design lessons to best help you learn the material.  I often use the inquiry model of instruction, which helps me evaluate understanding of the concepts presented in class.  This means that I will regularly call on students for answers to questions presented in class or in homework.  It is your responsibility to answer these questions to the best of your ability.  Doing your homework is essential to success in this class.  Expect that I will wait for you to answer, and may come back to you at another time if your initial answer was incomplete.  The responses given inform me about the level of your understanding.


    Opportunities for Help:  Science can be a difficult subject and it is imperative for you to get immediate help when you begin to struggle with a concept or skill.  I keep regular office hours, as well as provide after school tutorials and lab make-ups.  In addition to these instructor-provided times, free tutoring is provided in the library after school through the Torch Honor Society.


    Academic Monitoring:  Comments, praise, and general remarks about your progress will be posted through LMS grade reports, and any work collected and graded.  Progress reports will be printed several times each semester, and will be distributed in class.


    Academic Honesty:  Cheating is never tolerated or accepted.  Copying, “working together”, plagiarism, or any other form of reproducing work that is not your own is dishonest, and sometimes illegal.  I do not tolerate cheating in any form and you will be disciplined accordingly if you are caught.  If you are struggling with the material, getting help from me will ensure that you a) do your own work, and b) learn the material instead of merely copying, which does not promote learning and retention.


    Behavioral Expectations:

    Respect and Integrity:  As a classroom teacher at EHS, I believe in the motto: Trust + Honor + Respect = Success at EHS.  Behavior that interferes with my ability to teach and your classmates’ ability to learn will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken. 


    Passes to Leave Class:  Permission to leave class for water or restroom use is granted only during non-instructional time, on a limited basis. Sign out on the hall-pass log or card by neatly printing your name, destination, and the time you left, then sign in when you return.  Only one student is allowed to leave at a time, so please make your out-of-class trips brief.  There will be NO hall passes allowed when guest teachers are present.



    Food/Drink:  Water bottles are allowed in class.  Food and other beverages are not allowed in the classroom or in the science building.  Thanks in advance for helping to keep our science building looking great!


    Dress:  The Everett Public Schools dress code should be adhered to by all staff and students.  As an educator, I dress appropriately for my profession.  As a student, you should dress appropriately for your job.  Be mindful of the message you are sending to other people by the clothing you choose to wear. 


    ECD’s:  Unless directed by the teacher, cell phones, or personal video game units are not allowed in class – this includes any games stored on calculators.  If a chronic problem exists, these items will be confiscated. 


    How to Succeed:

    In order to reach your maximum potential in this course, the following guidelines are provided:


    1. Attendance:  Be present physically & mentally.  Missing class time due to absences or tardies puts you behind, and catching up can be very difficult.
    2. Come Prepared: Bring all needed materials every day and have them ready when the bell rings.
    3. Don’t Cheat: Cheating on homework or classwork is counterproductive. To be successful on assessments, you must be able to solve problems on your own.
    4. Get Help: If you’re stuck, ask for help from the teacher, from another student or take advantage of after school tutoring help.
    5. Use Class Time Efficiently:  Assignments not finished during the regular class period should be finished on your own.
    6. Do Your Homework: This is the only way you’ll know if you’re “not getting it”.
    7. Live Healthy:  Eat foods that are good for you, drink water – sports drinks, soda, and energy drinks are not beneficial to your health.  Exercise when you can, and get plenty of sleep.  Healthy habits begin now!