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    I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and staying engaged with their school work. We had good conversations on Thursday and Friday about how this is not a break, and you are still meant to engage with your school work from home, and stay in touch with your teachers. 

    We will use Google Classroom as our main source ofton engaging in different activities as well as our online textbook (EMC) or other tools such as flipgrid, google drive, quizlet, gimkit, etc. Everything will be linked onto google classroom though, so make sure to check there daily.

    Ways to be in touch with Ms. Yu-Chin Huang

    1. Email - yhuang@everettsd.org (Not sure how to access school email? School Email)

    2. Remind: Join our Remind classrooms, through the app or through text messages. If you want to use the app, click on "Join a class" and enter the correct code. 

    • EHS 5th Period - 6bc646a
    • EHS 6th Period - aeffga

    Please contact me with any questions, I am happy to help! 
    Yu-Chin Huang 黄老师 
    425-385-4400 (EHS)