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  • "precious situation"

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 5/24/2017 1:00:00 AM

    aimee l.

    "precious situation" 

    aimee l. 

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  • Best Work Submission!!

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 5/23/2017 10:00:00 AM

    Ceramics I and II, post your photographs of your best work here on our blog. Scroll to the bottom and select "Add". Insert your image and include the following:


    Title of Artwork

    Your First Name & Last Initial


    Then select "Tags" from the top menu and insert your class tag

    intro 3 (third period)

    intro 4 (4th period)

    intro 5 (5th period)

    ceramics II

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  • Ceramics Magicians...

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 1/4/2017


    charlie v



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  • Back to School!!!!!!

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 9/2/2016

    Leggett here, I'm so excited for the upcoming school year!! We are going to have a great time. I want to share with you some exciting news for this year. First, this will be the first year we will be offering AP Studio Art at Everett High. It is a very big deal. Students will be making college ready digital portfolios and will have the opportunity to have their portfolios evaluated and possibly earn college credit. Also this year, we will be using our new tools, equipment and material purchased with money donated by the EHS PTA. Among other things, this includes 4 brand new potter's wheels!! Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. We are going to have a great year and I am truly excited to meet you all and get messy making some art! 

    Enjoy your fleeting summer :)

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  • The Spirit of the Graffiti Movement

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 4/19/2016

    Intro to art students are wrapping up their study of the Graffiti Movement and are working on creating social statements through the unique style of the graffiti writers of the 1970's-80's

    Jacob C.


    Brittany F

    Demitri M

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  • Thinking about taking AP Studio Art next year? Check out this video.

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 3/4/2016

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  • Shack Art Center New Class Opportunities!!!!

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 2/17/2016

    The Shack Art Center in Everett has release their March class offerings, many of these classes are open to youth!! Check it out!!!

    Shack March Classes


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  • Phase II of the Big E!!!

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 2/9/2016

    Semester II Ceramics students are picking up where last semester's students left off on the Louise Nevelson inspired assemblage installation. Each student create relief tiles using found objects, hot glue and cardboard. Crews of painters spray paint each piece while crews of installers organize and hand each tile on the collective work of art. So far, this mural represents nearly 100 EHS artist's ideas, creativity and collaboration. When I asked them if we should call it quits after this semester period 2 (nearly unanimously) agreed that they want to see what students would do to it next year while period 4 said no way. I think it's going to be a fun semester... :) :) :)

    Installers Glen


    louie lady spray painters

    "Big E"


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  • Noor Al Huda Al Ghezi is being recognized as the Visual Arts Department Scholar!!!

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 2/4/2016

    EHS Department Scholar!!!! 


    Noor is being recognized for her outstanding work in Ceramics I. Throughout the semester she demonstrated discipline, integrity, creativity and focus. She culminated her semester with her final project "The Dim Mist Behind Innocence"a response to the "breaking stereotypes" project. Her focus, the War in Syria and stereotyepes about Islam, educated and humbled her school community. Thank you Noor for your hard work. You most definitely deserve this award!!





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  • Unsavory Selfies

    Posted by Aimee Leggett on 1/29/2016









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