• Course Title: AP Studio Art

    Pre-Requisites: 1 year of Drawing and Painting or Instructor Approval

    This class will prepare me for: Additional AP Art Courses (2D Design/3D Design/Drawing) and College!!

    Course Overview 

    In this course you will direct your learning to meet expectations specified by the Advanced Placement scoring guidelines. Course work will guide you to develop a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating your conceptual knowledge, technical skill and design thinking. This course utilizes a variety of media specific to your portfolio type (2D Design, 3D Design or Drawing) 
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to...

    • Apply the artistic process to design solutions to complex creative problems addressing specific skills and concepts
    • Engage in a prolonged artistic investigation of a single concept and document
    • Communicate meaning through artistic decision-making
    • Use the language of art to evaluate a work of art and defend your evaluation with evidence
  • There are 3 different AP Portfolios (Drawing, 2-D Design & 3-D Design). This technically means there are 3 different year-long AP Studio Art classes you can take! Regardless of the portfolio you choose to complete, they are each divided into 3 sections: Breadth, Concentration and Quality. Each section showcases a different aspect of your artistic accomplishments. 

    Breadth Section (8-12 pieces): The breadth section of your portfolio showcases your versatility as an artist. It demonstrates all the DIFFERENT skills you have.  These assignments are directed by an instructor and target specific artistic issues and concepts.

    Concentration Section (12 pieces): The concentration section of your portfolio showcases your depth of thought and investigation. It demonstrates how you THINK. These 12 pieces must be connected by a self-decided them that you explore over the course of the school year. You decide your theme, what media, size, style...  
    Quality Section (5 pieces): The quality section of your portfolio showcases your artistic MASTERY. These 5 pieces are selected from your Breadth and Concentration sections of your portfolio and should be your 5 best works.  
    To view past examples of AP Studio Art portfolios follow visit the AP Studio Art Sample Portfolio page