• Course Title: Ceramics I

    Pre-Requisites: Intro to Ceramics

    This class will prepare me for: AP Studio Art 3D Design

    Course Overview 

    Ceramics II is designed to give advanced-level artists an opportunity to push their skills and knowledge beyond the basics. This course emphasizes individual accountability, self-directed learning and exploring personal voice and style. This advanced course will work primarily with clay arts but occasionally will work in alternative sculpture media.

    During this course we will accomplish the following: 

    • Demonstrate mastery of basic hand-building techniques (pinch, coil, slab) use these techniques to solve creative problems
    • Develop advanced proficiency on the potter's wheel and record and reflect on progress over time
    • Utilize the creative process (Conceptualize, Plan, Create, Critique, Exhibit, Reflect) and establish an independent studio practice
    • Demonstrate creative problem-solving using advanced design concepts
    • Communicate identity, opinions and experiences through art
    • Develop language to express taste, preference and style
    • Develop awareness about how artists change the world!!
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