• Course Title: Intro to Ceramics

    Pre-Requisites: None!

    This class will prepare me for: Ceramics I

    Course Overview 

    Intro to Ceramics is designed to give all artists, regardless of skill-level, a variety of arts experiences that will develop knowledge, deepen awareness and get a little messy. I promise I will teach the least experienced student the basics of art as well as challenge students who are avid artists. This entry-level course will work primarily with clay but will occasionally work in alternative sculpture media to explore 3D design concepts.

    During this course we will accomplish the following: 

    • Learn and practice basic hand-building techniques (pinch, coil, slab)
    • Develop basic proficiency on the potter's wheel
    • Practice using the Creative Process (Conceptualize, Plan, Create, Critique, Exhibit, Reflect) 
    • Learn about and Demonstrate Basic Design Concepts
    • Communicate Identity, Opinions and Experiences Through Art
    • Develop Language to Express Taste, Preference and Style
    • Develop Awareness about How Artists Change the World!!