•   Welcome to World History, Spring Semester 2018!
    Welcome to a brand new semester!!
    4/16-4/19 We will conclude the "first half" of the Interwars Unit on 4/16. Interwars Unit, 1st Half 4/09-4/16 We will have a quiz on this material, learning targets on Thursday 4/19. If one turned in the MELA's from 4/09-4/13 on time and completely done, then they have earned the right to redo/retake this quiz and they will earn a 10% bonus. If they turn in the work late (5/10 indicated in gradebook), then they will have the right to do a redo/retake but will not earn the bonus! 
    4/09-4/13 Welcome Back! We started our Interwars Unit...All that we've done this week is here InterWars Unit 4/09-13 This includes what students should have done, both digitally and hand written BY THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD ON MONDAY 4/16!
    3/26-3/29 Wrapped up Russian Revolution Unit, Russian Rev, Stalin ReviewRussian Revolution assessments...quiz on 3/29, mini essay due this week, at the latest Friday, 7am to turnitin.com. Russian Rev Mini Essay Turnitin.com class ID's and enrollment passwords. Period 4, 16430296, d1124 and Period 5, 16430326, d1125 Example to follow and example to avoid!
    3/15-3/23 Started our Russian Revolution Unit..Russian Revolution 3/15-3/19 And continued through the end of the week (3/23) Russian Rev 3/20-23
    Also, returned WW1 Part A and Part B quizzes. If one did all of the formative, they can grab a copy of the test, review the answers they got incorrect, and turn in test corrections for each wrong answer to improve the grade. The "corrections" should be 2-3 sentences for each wrong answer, explaining what the correct answer actually is. If one wants to do this for the Part B quiz, it's DUE START OF THE PERIOD ON TUESDAY, MARCH 20 (no one was eligible to do this and/or chose to do this for the WW1 Part A Quiz).
    3/5-3/14 World War 1, Part B is here World War 1, Part B This work, parts hightlighted students are supposed to "do", was checked on 3/8 and 3/12. We will have the WW1, Part B quiz on Wednesday 3/14. If students haven't completed both parts of these MELA's by 3/13, start of period, then they will forfeit a "bonus" (less of a bonus for late work) on the quiz and will not have the right to do any redo/retake if one is available. 
    2/26-3/2 All that we have done this week, the MELA's (Meaningful, Engaging, Learning, Activities) in other words, are here World War 1 2/26-3/2 This work is checkable/collectible on 3/1 or, at the absolute latest, at the beginning of the period on Friday 3/2. The parts students are supposed "to do" in writing are highlighted. We will have a WW 1 Part A Quiz on Monday 3/5. This quiz is essentially "on" what we did 2/21-2/23 and 2/26-3/2. If one turned in completely done both of those "checks", then they will earn a bonus on their quiz (less of a bonus if the work is late) and will have the right to do any retake, redo.
    2/21-23 We have started our WW1 Unit..the MELA's for 2/21-23 are here  WW 1, 2/21-2/23 Parts students are supposed "to do" are highlighted and these in class activities are due/checkable/collectible at the start of the period on Monday, 2/26. 
    2/12-16 We are completing our Industrialization Part 2, Imperialism Unit. Parts of this unit that should be digitally done and turned in are noted here Ind Part 2-Imperialism 2/12-2/14 We will have a quiz on Industrialization Part 2 and Imperialism on Thursday 2/15. Students must have the in class activites done, two different "checks" due 2/12 and 2/14 respectfully, to earn a bonus on this assessment and to have the "right" to do any redo's/retakes on it if the score is low. Review, practice quiz here Ind Pt 2-Imperialism Quiz Rev
     2/5-9 We reviewed last week's activities (Industrialization Part 1) Industrialization Part 1and will take a quiz on these learning targets Tuesday, Feb 6. Turning in the formative work from last week on Industrialization Part 1 warrants a 10% boost on the quiz (less if late) and the "right" to redo/retake this if one doesn't pass. The last chance to turn in the work from last week would be Tuesday, Feb 6, start of the period before the quiz!!!!!!!!! Help after school on Feb 5 is also an option, as students were reminded last week.
    Industrialization Part 1 Quizzes returned 2/7/18. One point (10%) was added if one did the formative/process work. Also, if one did the formative/process work, they can do test corrections to change an F/D to a C, C to a B- (8/10). Test corrections involve: taking their test, returning their test, writing one paragraph (several sentences) for each wrong answer explaining what the actual correct answer is. These would be due start of the period on Friday, 2/9!
    We also continued with Industrialization Part 2-Start of Imperialism. These activities are here Ind Part 2-Imperialism Parts that are checkable/collectible should be done by the end of the week and will be collected/checked on Monday, 2/12.
    1/30-2/2 All the we did this week, including the hightlighted which means that's something students are supposed "to do", is here Industrialization 1/30-2/2 Power points referenced here too
    Industrialization-Social Impact Start of Industrial Revolution Need help with the notes on 2/1 and 2/2? Here is an example of the notes, thinking you should have done yourself in writing.
    1/16-1/19 What we did this week and what's due, highlighted, on Monday 1/23 is here Nationalism 1/16-1/19 Test on Nationalism is the day of the final, the whole unit is here Nationalism Unit, 1/2-1/19
    Also, the "extra credit, Nationalism redo/retake, I want to show my intellectual skillz" opportunity is detailed here Nationalism Redo/Retake/Show my Skillz
    1/8-1/12-  What is due 1/16/18 (in class activities, not homework) from this week is here What is due 1-16-18 AND.....WE HAVE MOVED THE DEADLINE FOR THE EXTRA CREDIT TO 11:59PM ON MONDAY, 1/15.
    1/2-1/5 Extra credit option introduced, and it's here Extra Credit Fall 17-18 Also, what we "did" this week is here 1/2-1/5 activities and this work is collectible/checkable at the start of the period on Monday 1/8.
    12/4-12/15 Reviewed for and took Absolutism Quiz....started on Revolutions, Unit 5. 12/8 and 12/11 goals, activities referenced here Unit 5, Revolutions 12/11. Once completed with 12/11 activity, please move forward to the next step, here Unit 5, RevolutionsDec11-12
    And the final product, re Revolutions Unit 5, Revolutions


    11/27-12/1 Completed last two parts of Unit 4, "Absolutism"  Unit 4, Absolutism 11/27-28 (due 11/30) and Unit 4, Absolutism 11/29-12/1 (Due 12/4)
    UNIT 4 QUIZ ON 12/6!! (WEDNESDAY OF NEXT WEEK) If one does not complete all formative assignments for Unit 4 by 12/5, then they, among other things, have effectively forfeited the right to do any redo/retake/test corrections for this quiz!!!!!!!!! Review activity for Wednesday's quiz Absolutism Review
    Need help?? Make an appointment with me, like during lunch perhaps, or after school 2:05-3:05 on Tuesday 12/5!
    11/9 All the details regarding Zheng He Presentation are here Zheng He Presentation and students drew for, signed up for presentation spots 11/16-11/30. 
    Unit 3 Tests returned..
    If one did the formative assignment for Unit 3, then they can do a "redo" assignment to raise an F or D grade to a C, or a C to a B. The redo involves taking their quiz, and writing a complete,  short paragraph (2-3 sentences) for every wrong answer, explaining the correct one. This is due at the beginning of the period on Monday 11/13. Hand written is fine, they should return the quiz and their corrections on Monday 11/13, START OF THE PERIOD, if they want the grade improvement.
    11/6-11/8 Intro, background activities on Zheng He "mini Q"...
    10/31-11/1 Review for Unit 3 Quiz on THURSDAY 11/2!
    Link to share your Unit 3 review above, or do so via your 90 second video on flipgrid!
    10/23-10/27 Continued with Unit 3, New Global Connections/European Expansion...Activity, "assignment" associated with 10/23 and 10/24 here Unit 3 10/23 and 10/24, activity, "assignment" associated with 10/25 and 10/26 here Unit 3 10/25 and 10/26. Power point needed for 10/25-10/26 here Unit 3, Colombian Exchange PPT
    10/16-10/20 Introduced "storyboard" activity, Unit 3, Storyboard and engaged in this activity all period Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17. Should be considered due at the start of the period on Wednesday, 10/18! Activities 10/18-10/20 are here Unit 3, 10/18-10/20 This should be considered, "due/checkable" on Monday, 10/23.
    10/9 -10/12 (everything earlier in semester is below...)
    All that we did in class this week, including what's due at the beginning of the period on Monday 10/16, is here Unit 3, New Global Connections 10/9 thru 10/12
    Referenced video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzPbZYZj7fw
     Also, Unit 2 Quizzes returned on Tuesday 10/10. If one did the formative assignment for Unit 2, then they can do a "redo" assignment to raise an F or D grade to a C, or a C to a B. The redo involves taking their quiz, and writing a complete,  short paragraph (2-3 sentences) for every wrong answer, explaining the correct one. This is due at the beginning of the period on Wednesday 10/11. Hand written is fine, they should return the quiz and their corrections on Wednesday, START OF THE PERIOD, if they want the grade improvement.
     Lastly, returning Unit 2 Hall of Fame Projects today. There are MANY that either turned this in late ('late credit' = 6/10) or HAVE NOT COMPLETED THIS AT ALL! We worked on this most of the week of 10/2-10/6, and many simply did not use the time wisely. The good news is that one can still turn this in for late credit, and doing so will improve their grade tremendously. More good news would also inlcude the fact that it's very early in the semester, and there are many more opportunities to improve one's grade. 
    September 11-September 19 Unit 1 (Renaissance)..activities we've engaged in are here Unit 1, 9/11 thru 9/19 Students should turn in this work on 9/20 or 9/21.
    If one cannot or will not complete these by 9/21, THEN THEY SHOULD BE COMING IN TO GET EXTRA HELP ON 9/21 (THURSDAY) AFTER SCHOOL!! 
    THE UNIT 1 (RENAISSANCE) QUIZ IS ON MONDAY, 9/25. In addition to what students turned in on 9/20 or 9/21, there will be a little bit on the quiz regarding the Renaissance's spreading to Northern Europe, including Shakespeare's impact. Renaissance in N. Europe
    If one never turns in all parts of the Unit, completely done, then they have effectively forfeited the right to do any redo or retake if the summative assessment for Unit 1 does not go particularly well (and keep in mind these are in class activities, not "homework")...........we all want to avoid this!!!!!!!!!!!
    9/25-9/29 Started Unit 2 (Reformation and Scientific Revolution) Power point from 9/27 here Reformation Spreads
    9/26 9/29 All that we did on Unit 2 is downloadable here Unit 2, 9/26-9/29  We have worked on this all week, and these activities should be completed by the time students leave class on Friday, 9/29. THIS WORK IS DUE, COMPLETELY AND MEANINGFULLY DONE, ON MONDAY AT THE START OF THE PERIOD.
    Also, Unit 1 tests are in the gradebook and reviewed on 9/29. As discussed in class on 9/28 and 9/29, here is the "redo" process:
    If one did the formative activities for Unit 1 (i.e. there is a grade in the gradebook for this, not "M" or "I") then they can do this redo assignment Unit 1 Quiz Redo
    Doing so completely and satisfactorily will raise an F or D grade to a C (15.5/21) or C grade to a B (17.5/21). One cannot improve a grade above 17.5.
    Turnitin.com class ID's and enrollment passwords. Period 4, 16430296, d1124 and Period 5, 16430326, d1125.
    Major extenuating circumstances, issues with turnitin.com??????? Email the assignment to me, sjohnson@everettsd.org, by the deadline and we'll figure out turnitin.com later. (THIS IS AN OPTION IN EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!!) Issues regarding internet access, etc.......see Mr. J on Thursday or Friday to make alternate arrangements.
     10/2-10/9 All we are doing to conclude Unit 2 is detailed here Unit 2 Assessments, Hall of Fame, including the Wall of Fame Project, which should be completed by 10/6, due 10/9