• UPDATE: Remote Learning Academic Support: Course content, student engagement, and learning support opportunities can be found in Canvas. All students will know how to access each course as we have been using Canvas all year; parents please feel free to email me if you'd like more information about accessing your student's Canvas page. 


    Mr. Mitchell Welcome to what I expect will be an amazing year!

    This will be my third at Henry M. Jackson High School, and I am so excited to learn with you and your students. Before taking this position, I received my Master of Arts in Education and my undergraduate in Creative Non-Fiction Writing from Pacific Lutheran University. I am a native of Mount Vernon, and I enjoy singing and running. 

    I have a great passion in creating lifelong learners in an increasingly global world, and I look forward to the educational and personal growth that will develop in my classroom. 

    I firmly believe in the power of communication, so I will make it a priority to post upcoming assignments details, prompts, and deadlines in a timely manner. I will be updating this information on Canvas (specifically its calendar function), which is an online tool students can access here, on the Everett School District Website: https://www.everettsd.org/domain/2152. Parents: please note that you will need your student’s password in order to access their Canvas profile, and the assignment information I post on it. Canvas is increasingly utilized by colleges in Washington state, and is a convenient place to consolidate information. If you, or your student, have issues accessing this, please let me know.

    If you have any questions about Canvas or about your student's success in my class, I am best able to respond via email, at kmitchell@everettsd.org. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and I will try my best to do the same.

    I am honored to have your student in my class this year and am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.

    Kyle Mitchell

    425-385-7000 X7165


    If you have a minute, please fill out the following one-question survey by copying and pasting the link below into your web browser. I'd love to know how to best communicate with you!