• logo COVID update! As I am sure you are all aware, the Governor, Health Department, and Superintendent have worked together to shut down the schools as a response to the COVID19 epidemic. During this time, we are still working with students to engage in mathematics and other learning opportunities. If you are taking Precalculus, I will be posting review assignments and extension activities on OneNote, the online file hosting application we have been using all year. Statistics have been using Canvas as an online sharing tool this year and will continue to do so during the pandemic. As I post assignment in either course, I will also send emails to your student account or, for parents, to whatever accounts you have registered with the school.



    If you need to contact me during this time, please use the link below to email. If it isn't working, then email directly to dheaton-bush@everettsd.org. Please don't call the school. We are all working from home and I will not be checking that phone's messages.