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    Welcome to Family Health, Sports Medicine, Intro to Health Science Careers and Medical Terminology!  My classes meet in room B-203 and my office is downstairs in the gym. I also take care of the athletes after school - I am a Certified Athletic Trainer with almost 40 years of experiences!
    Although I'm a third generation Oregonian, I've lived in the Seattle area since Thanksgiving of 1st grade.
    I am the middle child of 5 of a very close family, most of who live in Seattle area.
    I love to read, do needlework, paddle my kayak around Martha Lake, work in my garden and watch my cats romp!  This summer, I got to swim with Manta Rays on the Kona  Coast!!  Soooooooo Coooooooool!!!!!
    Brenda Black
    Phone: 425 385-7038
    Email: bblack@everettsd.org

    Degrees and Certifications:

    Bachelor Arts in Physical Education; Master of Science in Sports Medicine; Certified Athletic Trainer, NATA; Licensed Athletic Trainer, State of Washington

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