Welcome Timberwolves!
    I am excited to be teaching AP Statistics and Algebra at Jackson High and am looking forward to a fantastic year!

    As an introduction to my history as a math teacher: I began teaching in Arizona immediately following my graduation from Arizona State University with my Bachelors of Arts in Education (minor in Mathematics) in 1996. In 2000, I earned my Masters of Secondary Education (Mathematics) degree from Northern Arizona University. The mathematical focus of my master’s degree was statistical models. I have taught AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Precalculus, Geometry, and Algebra. I have also been a dual enrollment instructor previously, in Arizona for 11 years, in partnership with Rio Salado Community College, where I taught MAT167 Elementary Statistics and MAT187 Precalculus.

    With respect to my personal beliefs about education, I believe that all students can learn and are successful contributing members of our society. In the specific field of Mathematics, I am a strong component of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teaching strategies, the use of math learning models, and a growth mindset.

    In my classroom, I begin with the ideas of AVID, I break down learning into study habits that work. I teach note taking and study skills. I promote inquiry and interest in academics, by teaching students to become self-reliant with strong engagement in class. I support my students with a safe place to ask questions, to achieve, and to help, I am available often with study hall in my classroom.

    I believe that all students can learn math. I believe that modeling how we learn math is important. I encourage my students to seek answers and emphasize that making mistakes is when we learn. I challenge my kids to inquire and explore the ideas and principals of what we act like and do when we are learning math. I model and engage students in building connections within math. I teach my students to participate in quality questioning and reasoning. I challenge my students to think bigger. I provide time to privately think and then I challenge students to publicly explain their reasoning. I offer a classroom where engagement is expected and math learning is the clear goal.

    I teach my students to have a growth mindset, that with hard work everyone can learn. I reinforce a belief that if I work hard enough and keep trying, if I expect to make mistakes and to overcome them, then I will learn how to be an expert at anything I choose. I emphasize that hard work is how we achieve. Most of all I expect each of my children to succeed and I tell them so.

    Wishing you many more smiles than frowns- Deborah Faber

    Deborah Faber