Welcome to Spanish Class. Bienvenido a la clase de Español de la Señora Reiman

  • Mrs. Reiman  
     !Hola! y Bienvenidos a la red de las clases de Español II, 2019 -2020
    Hello and welcome to my Spanish class website for Spanish 2
    I  am looking forward to another fantastic year at Jackson High School. I am very happy to have your student in my class. I am also expecting forward to a year full of growth, learning, and development.

    My goal as a native speaker is that my students will begin to use Spanish to become an active participant in the global community by appreciating the cultural diversity and the language. 

    My students will learn to communicate in Spanish through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while broadening your awareness of the world and the Latin culture.

    Of course I am also looking for that my students enjoy and have fun while learning the Spanish language. 


    *Platform: Pearson EasyBridge/Autentico Online Textbook .

    *Classroom website mreiman@everettsd.org in my Spanish 2 Calendar   to access scheduled lessons.

    * Download a language-learning app such as Duolingo and practice each day. Write in Spanish in a journal each day. 

     *During class you you will need a pencil and a notebook for your journals.

    * Again Our Platform will be Pearson Autentico Spanish 2 https://cat.easybridge.pk12ls.com/ca/teacherDashboard.htm

    Señorita Pilar Reiman

    Spanish Teacher

    Leadership Latino Club Advisor
    International Folklore Dance Advisor
    Henry M. Jackson High School
    Classroom C101 
    After 2:10 pm
    "Enabling students to be successful
      in learning Spanish"


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