Welcome to Mr. Gadek's Class

  • Mr. Gadek

    Welcome to Mr. Gadek's class! 
    Just a quick bit about me, in case you are curious.  I graduated from Cascade High School (don't worry, I am a very proud Timberwolf now) in 2001.  I headed off all the way to Seattle to get my BA in Mathematics from the University of Washington, which I obtained in 2005.  From there, I headed to Western Washington University to earn my Master's in Teaching, which I wrapped up in 2007.  I was then hired to teach at Jackson in the summer of 2007, and I have been here ever since.
    As I continued to grow as a teacher over the years, I have expanded my roles in the school.  I have a strong passion for student leadership, which has greatly influenced my work both in and out of JHS.  I am the ASB advisor and Activities Coordinator, after having worked with the classes of 2016 and 2020.  I am also currently the co-advisor of our Link Crew.  Each summer, I continue my work in student leadership by serving as a counselor at a summer leadership camp that our ASB students attend.  I am also an active member of our Jackson Leadership Council.  I am thrilled to have my feet in so many pockets of the school, as I love to see the kids doing great things both in and out of the classroom.
    My philosophy in teaching is based on having each student leave better than when they walked in.  This is true on a daily basis, and also for the year as a whole.  It isn't realistic to win every day with every student, but I do my best.  I believe in teaching the student as a whole person, and that mathematics is merely the context that brings us all together and gives us a common goal to work toward.  My philosophy in life, in case you are curious, is to be good to people, and to let them decide what they will do next.  I can't control the actions of others, but I can try to influence them through positivity, kindness, and support.  And while humor runs rampant in my classroom, so do compassion, understanding, and sincerity. 
    My advice is quite simple: Smile, stay positive, and work hard. 
    Oh, and here are a couple of quotes of myself:
    "Life isn't about how you spend your money; it's about how you spend your time." 
    "Kindness is not optional; Kindness is necessary."
    "Be happy. Be you. Be happy to be you."
    "The easy road will take you somewhere.  The more difficult roads can take you anywhere."
    "It isn't about doing the most things.  It is about doing the things that matter most."
    "It isn't good enough to hold doors open.  You have to open doors, too."
    "We want to do our best and we want to be our best, but many times we do one at the expense of the other."

    Jason Gadek