Senior Information (Events and Dates)

    Parents/Grandparents/Friends of Seniors

    Honor your senior with an ad in the yearbook, a keepsake he or she will cherish for years. A senior ad is a permanent way to express love and pride in your child. Twenty years from now, your child will still have that yearbook. Parents, friends, or anyone else may purchase an advertisement.
    If you wish to keep this a secret, rest assured that the contracts and contents of the ads are handled with confidentiality by two student staff members and the adviser.
    • Do not cut, staple, fold or paper clip the photos.
    • Send good quality photographs. Poor photos do not improve in print. Polaroid photos tend to have poor reproduction.
    • If photos are one of a kind, you may want to have a copy made. Do not send us any photo that would cause tears if it were lost. We do not guarantee return of your photos although we will do our best to return them to you.
    • Scanned photos must be submitted at 300 dpi resolution in a jpeg format in at least a 4X6 inch format and burned onto a CD,DVD, or flash/thumb drive. Please don’t name your pictures with same names.
    • Photos should be school appropriate, no obscene gestures, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, confederate flags or any illegal activity that violates the school handbook.
    • Song lyrics or other copyrighted material may not be used. Attribution is not enough; royalties have to be paid to use. Our yearbook company will refuse to print copyrighted materials.
    • Do not write on the back of photos – ink may rub off onto another photo and it cannot be cleaned without damage to the photo.
    • Stick an address label on the back of each photo.
    • We will return photos when the yearbook wraps up in April or May.
    • Neatly print your message on the bottom of the Senior Ad Contract form or type and attach it to the back.
    • We will print your message exactly as it appears. We do retain the right to reject any material we consider libelous or in questionable taste.
    • No letters or abbreviations. Just write the phrase out.