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    I hope that you are ready for a year that will be both challenging and rewarding.  Make no mistake, there will be difficulties this year -- we're covering some tough stuff! -- but if you always do work that you are proud of, you will feel accomplished.  
    My pledge to you is that I will always put forth my best effort, because I believe that you deserve that.  I hope that you will also meet my challenges with your best work.  Together, we can make this year memorable and satisfying.
    I hope that you and I have the opportunity to speak briefly at our conferences on the first few days of school.  You can find links to those Zoom conferences on our class's Canvas.  Below is a list of times that I will be available for those conferences.
    Pre-AP English 1 Conferences:  Wednesday, September 9 from 12:30--3:00, and Thursday, September 10 from 3:00--5:30
    AP Language & Composition Conferences:  Thursday, September 10 from 12:30--3:00 and Thursday, September 10 from 3:00--5:30

    Yoda Wisdom


    Mr. Lessard


    IMPORTANT SCHOOL CLOSURE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Students currently enrolled in one of my English classes can find engagement materials on a regular, daily basis on my Canvas site.  Please visit that site, review the guidelines, and plan on engaging with the materials as regularly as possible.

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