• Update 4/3/20


    Well, we are now 4 weeks into our learning at home model. We get adjustments and changes often, so bear with me as we navigate this new way of teaching and learning.

    I had a great collaboration meeting with the other life skills teachers. The district will be sending weekly packets to each student. They will be from News 2 You - they are differentiated so find what works for your student. I have placed some response forms in Google Classroom for your student to use as well. They are sentence stems that help them to talk about things they may be doing at home. They add an element of writing practice - being able to identify parts or themes in a movie, talk about a book they read, describe a meal they ate or helped make, etc. 

    I hope you find them useful! If you decide to print them out and have your student reply, I would LOVE to have photos of their answers! I'll give them feedback so we develop better 1:1 communication.

    I will be setting up a weekly ZOOM meeting on Wednesdays at 2:30 - I hope that your students can jump in, if even just to say "hi"!

    This week we had 5 of our 9 students join the paras and the SLP and OT/PT crew. It was so great to see everyone!!

    I hop you can make your Spring Break something new and special!

    Ms. Lamken




    During our time out of the classroom, you can check here weekly, I will add google classroom links. I will be uploading different things to keep our students working with meaningful materials that will help retain what we have learned. There is no grading at this time, but we would like to see the students engaged as much as possible to continue their learning.

    The best way to reach me is via email - I check it often throughout the day. You can also leave a message on my school phone. I will be checking voice mails regulalry.

    Your students have their iReady log in information. Getting them onto iReady is a great way to keep them moving forward in math and reading. They also have access to Prodigy Games through the STUDENT tab on the Everett Public Schools home page. 

    I sent packets home that contain materials they are familiar with. working through 2 or three worksheets a day will help them retain the lessons we have been working on.

    I will be using Google Classrom, and possible Canvas to post some lessons that are engaging and won't seem like work.

    To access student email, where I will also send links and fun opportunities:

    Go to Everett Public Schools website

    Click Managed Bookmarks

    Click Office 365

    Click Outlook

    This will bring up your students email address. 

    You may need to sign in again using your students ID number for sign in, and either their ID number OR their birthdate IE: (07-04) to log in.


    This is the link to my Google Classroom: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2IsFFigqz1ofmpoUjlDSEFKcFZxWk1tbGlobDRsUFY4QVh0MjV2Wm5LZU9oQUZQRDdWbVU

    If you access through your student email, you will go directly there. If you access through your email, I will get a request for permission. I will accept as soon as possible.


    There are meal services set up for pickup at various locations, including Evergreen. If you need meal assistance, please follow the instructions from the district. You must order your meals the day before. Students must be present to pick up their breakfast and lunch. You will be able to order breakfast for the following day at the same time that you order your lunch. (Pick up the days lunch and the next days breakfast).

    THis is the link to the MEALS website - Click the ORDER button for the online form to fill out. From the website:

    EPS Grab & Go Meal Pre-Order Form

    If you would like to order lunch to pick-up from one of our locations, please let us know how many children will be picking up from your chosen location below for tomorrow.
    -Orders placed AFTER 10:00 a.m will be for the next day. If you needed it for today, please just show up to your site.
    -The children MUST be present to pick up the meal.
    -Meals are FREE to ALL children between the ages of 1 and 18 and they do not need to be a student in the Everett School District.
    -One lunch per student per day


    Please stay healthy and enjoy your family time. We will be working to make sure your student has access to learning as we wait out this situation.

    Look for alerts and email for a ZOOM conference meeting so I can face to face with the students!!  

    Mary Lamken


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