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  • Sra. Friedenson

    Bienvenidos! Welcome!
    Canvas has all of our up-to-date Spanish 1 information. This teacher website will not be updated, but will continue to provide Tech Help links (left menu), and "Funlinks" and "Helpful Resources" links for past students.
    Parents and Students can access Canvas.
    If you have any difficulty logging into Canvas, try this link.
    If you have any questions, please email me: mfriedenson@everettsd.org. 
    In our Spanish 1 class, you will develop basic Spanish conversational skills, and also read, write, listen to videos and music, expand your vocabulary, and explore the lives of people in many cultures! I hope you also make new friends and learn more about your own passions and strengths. In our class, we work together to help every student learn to his/her full potential. Creativity, experimentation, and mistakes are part of the process; so are careful thought, positive effort, and practice.  I'm here to help you develop your Spanish skills and grow as a person, so be sure to ask questions and share your ideas. I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you this year!
    Classes this year: Spanish One; Periods 2,3,4,5
    Contact me by email: mfriedenson@everettsd.org  
    Resources are based in Canvas.