Welcome to Sra. Montalvo-Lopez’ Spanish class

  • Mrs. Montalvo-Lopez I am delighted to have you in my Spanish class here at Cascade High School. I am looking forward to work with you this year. You are enrolled in a class that comes with high expectations and continuous assessment which requires a good deal of effort. Every day we will spend time perfecting the four skills which are necessary for learning a foreign language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Since learning a foreign language is a relatively new skill for you, you should expect to work hard in this class; you should be prepared to study on your own as well as complete the daily work. We will follow a pace as specified in our curriculum guide. Such pacing requires that every student keeps up with the daily classwork and interactive notebooks, participates in class every day, and learns the vocabulary and grammar each night to prepare for the next day’s class. Since the material we study is cumulative, do not let yourself get behind!

    Look for the syllabus to see the categories of grading and how important is to do your work.  Due to the formative nature of the work, it will be graded on completion and use it as the basic for discussion and review the following day. This year, I look forward to helping all of my students develop their Spanish communication skills and enjoy exploring the Spanish-speaking world.

    My goal as a native speaker is that my students use Spanish to become an active participant in the global community by appreciating the cultural diversity and the language. You will learn to communicate in Spanish through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while broadening your awareness of the world and the Latin culture.

    A Little bit about me:

    I was born in Peru, the land of the Inca Empire. This is my second year of teaching at Cascade High School and my 20th year as a teacher. My bachelor degree is in Early Childhood and Elementary and my Master’s degree from University of South Alabama in Secondary Education/ Spanish. I also have Montessori Certification and I am a WA State Certified Interpreter.

    I have absolutely enjoyed teaching Spanish during the past years in Mobile Alabama (K-12), in Everett at AMHS, and most recently in Bellevue School District where I taught in high school level Bilingual 1, Bilingual 2, AP, and IB classes.

    My interests include: Reading and traveling and I also like to spend time with my husband, my kids and my dogs.

    I am looking forward that you all have a year full of learning, growth, and development. I am sure this is going to be an amazing year full of amazing learning experiences

    Jessica Montalvo-Lopez

    Cascade High School