• Ms. Smith
    My name is Addie Smith and I have been teaching science at Everett High School since 2000.  I earned my Bachelor's of Science from Washington State University in 1998 and my Masters' degree from Western Washington University in 2006. I certified as a National Board Teacher in 2014 and recertified in 2023. This is an accomplishment I am very proud of.   
    As a teacher, I believe that I am a "forever student"; that I am always researching, learning, practicing, and implementing research-based best practices so that my students have the best possible experience in chemistry!  I also believe, that by the time all students graduate, they should have a solid understanding of basic and fundamental scientific principles and skills as outlined in the NGSS.  In order to do this, students in my classroom will be engaged in ongoing assessment and quality learning activities that promote higher level thinking, collaboration, communication, independence, the development of laboratory and analytical skills, and a deepening knowledge and appreciation for our chemical universe. 
    Addie Smith
  • Did you know?...
    In 2018 and 2022, I traveled to Iceland with students from Everett High School! The trips were out-of-this-world and I can't wait to do it again in 2024! If you're interested in visiting this amazing place, contact me today or listen for announcements on meetings and planning times!

    Iceland 2018 - Glacier Hike
    My first cohort of Iceland travelers, June 2018.
    Skogafoss 2022
    Second cohort of Iceland travelers, June 2022.