About Me

  •      My name is Addie Smith and I have been teaching science in Everett Public Schools since 2000. As a science educator, my goal is to help all students demonstrate proficiency in the three domains of science literacy as outlined in the NGSS (Cross-Cutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices, and Disciplinary Core Ideas). To achieve this, students in my classroom will be engaged in ongoing assessment and quality learning experiences that promote higher-level thinking, collaboration, communication, independence, the development of laboratory and analytical skills, and a deepening knowledge and appreciation for our chemical universe. 

         I earned my Bachelor's of Science from Washington State University in 1998 and my Masters' degree from Western Washington University in 2006. I certified as a National Board Teacher in 2014 and re-certified in 2023. I have a strong commitment to continually improving my practice through ongoing professional learning.


Travel the World!

  • Did you know?...
    In 2018, 2022, and 2024 I traveled to Iceland with students from Everett and Jackson High Schools! The trips were out-of-this-world and I can't wait to do it again in 2026! If you're interested in visiting this amazing place, contact me today or listen for announcements on meetings and planning times!

    Iceland 2018 - Glacier Hike
    My first cohort of Iceland travelers, June 2018.

    Skogafoss 2022
    Second cohort of Iceland travelers, June 2022.

    Travelers from my 3rd cohort in June, 2024.