Welcome to Spanish 2 Website "Bienvenidos a La Red de la clase de Espanol 2"
     Hello Spanish 2 students,
    I encourage you to complete your engagement activities so you can practice Spanish daily, increase your proficiency, and improve your participation scores.  These are simple activities you can do such as watching instructional videos, tutorials, videos about culture, reviewing (Repaso) vocabulary, modeling conversations, listening to songs, playing games, and completing a few writing exercises. 
    Look for My Spanish 2  calendar for information about daily homework or weekly lesson plan, classwork, assignments, quiz, and test.
    Always Be Prepared to work in your online Pearson-Autentico curriculum. 

    Platform: Pearson EasyBridge/Autentico Online Textbook .

    Classroom website mreiman@everettsd.org in my Spanish 2 Calendar   to access scheduled lessons.
      During class you you will need a pencil and a notebook for your journals.
    Everett Community College EvCC College in the High School CHS 

    webpage for information:

     Spanish 2 Expectations:
    Class Materials: Pencil, Notebook, computer to get your Autentico 2 on-line
    Personal Advice: You must review, practice or study your new vocabulary words everyday so you don't get behind.  It is easier if you teach them to a sibling, friend, or a parent/guardian.
                               I am looking forward to working with you this year 2018 - 2019. I will like to help you learn to communicate with your  Spanish 2 language skills.  
                              The monthly calendar will tell you about the weekly assignments, homework, quiz, exams, or projects.  If you have any questions about how I grade my homework, exams, or projects etc. whether retakes are available, or when you will be receiving progress reports, you may refer to the syllabus or calendar.
                              Students will be able to access the updated unit calendar by clicking on the appropriate tab to the left.  Students may use this calendar to stay organized and practice good management skills throughout the chapter of study (Remember each chapter has part 1 and part 2).  I will update this calendar at the beginning of each unit. All homework is due the day after it is assigned, at the beginning of the class period.
                              A very easy way to keep track of your grade is by checking the online grade system. 
     Remember: I am just the Reiman Latin Bank!  You are earning your grades and knowledge so make/be sure to deposit your earnings in your bank account each day.  I hope you make a lot of money this year by saving in your bank account your good grades.  :)
    Please see your class expectations under syllabus: (Silabos) Print the pages, read them with your family, and have your parents sign it. Due date: 
    Muchas gracias                                                                  Thank you very much
    Señora Reiman