• Welcome to U.S. History!
     Syllabus here to review...Syllabus Second Semester NOTE CHANGE REGARDING HOW FORMATIVE/PROCESS WORK "COUNTS" TOWARDS GRADE!
    Welcome to a brand new semester!!
    6/4-6/19- Completed last unit and it's all here 70's to Today Unit This last unit test will be on the day of the final, Friday June 15 for period 3, Monday June 18 for periods 2 and 6. 
    All the details re the extra credit are here Forrest Gump EC We are watching FG 6/11-13. Turnitin.com user names (class ID’s to enroll in the class) and passwords..........Period 2- 16576098, d112rocks2 Period 3- 16576120, d112rocks3 Period 6- 16576137,d112rocks6. And a couple more notes re the extra credit, if students are not engaged in the film, their EC will not be considered. And another, a student with a 55% or higher can utilize the extra credit to raise an F grade to a D.
    5/28-6/1 Started on our last unit.."1970's-today". Also, need permission forms back ASAP so we can watch Gump and possibly engage in the Gump Extra Credit option. 
    70's-Today unit MELA's for 6/5 (2nd and 3rd) or 6/6 (period 6) here 70's-Today June 5 or 6, they're digital involving chromebooks, brief research, access to Pearson. 
    5/21-25 60's-Vietnam May 21 The entire unit is here as well 60's-Vietnam Unit Anything highlighted means students were supposed to respond in writing, or "do something", so to speak. Unit work is checkable, collectible any time this week, Wednesday 5/23 start of the period at the latest. TEST ON FRIDAY 5/25. Doing the formative work completely earns one a bonus on the test and the "right" to do any redo/retake.
    Meanwhile, we will also start learning about Watergate this week.
    5/14-5/18 Vietnam-60's Unit May 14 and 15   Vietnam-60's Unit May 16-17                Vietnam-60's May 18  And the reading for May 18 Vietnam War-Draft Choices
    5/3-5/11 All that we have done on our current "60's-Vietnam Era" Unit is here 60's, Vietnam May 3-11 The referenced power point is here..LBJ/Great Society PPT
    4/30-5/4 Completed Civil Rights Unit, Civil Rights Unit Parts highlighted are "checkable/collectible" Wednesday 5/2 or Thursday 5/3..quiz on 5/4.
    4/30 and 5/1- Reviewed Civil Rights Unit MELA's from last week and engaged in further MELA's on 4/30 and 5/1, Civil Rights 4/30 and 5/1
    4/23-4/27 Wrapping up Post War Years in America, 1950's Unit Post War Years, 1950's Assessments (Quiz on Thursday, short research-writing due Thursday). Starting Civil Rights Unit Civil Rights Unit 4/23 (Monday) ACTUALLY ENGAGED WITH THIS ON TUESDAY, 4/24.

    "Cost of National Security." National Priorities Project. National Priorities Project, 28 May 2016. Web. 15 Feb. 2017. <https://www.nationalpriorities.org/cost-of/>.

    These citations can just be on the same doc that you turn the paragraph in on...

    Moving forward re Civil Rights Unit on 4/25 (Wednesday) Civil Rights 4/25 AND......DON'T FORGET POST WAR YEARS, 1950'S IN AMERICA QUIZ THURSDAY AND CONNECTIONS PARAGRAPH ALSO DUE THURSDAY!
    4/16-4/20 Completed our Post War Years in America, 1950's activities Post War Years MELA's 4/16-20. All that we did this week is collectible/checkable/DUE on Monday, 4/23. Plans for the assessments on this unit (essentially learning targets and MELA's 4/09-4/20) will be forthcoming on 4/23. 
    Also, Atomic Bombings EBC assessment in the gradebook and returned by 4/20, along with "Start of Cold War" quizzes. Re the quiz, if one did the formative MELA's due prior to the quiz, then they can request a copy of the quiz and do test corrections to improve their score. These would be due 4/23, Monday, start of the period and involve writing several sentences for each incorrect answer.
    4/09-4/13 Welcome Back!! We are learning about the post war years, late 1940's-1950's, in America. All we "did" this week is here Post War in USA 4/9-4/13 All that you were supposed "to do", both digitally and (mostly) hand written is DUE AT THE START OF THE PERIOD MONDAY 4/16!
    3/15-3/29- WW 2 Test, and Atomic Bombings EBC ("evidence based claim"..in class writing activity) assessments....when done with the EBC on 3/21, move to next unit via this doc Start of Cold War, 3/21-3/22 and the Pearson digital activities that I'd like you to do with chromebooks. The ones I'd like you to do, in order, are listed on this document. 3/22, 3/23 Iron Curtain speech Iron Curtain Speech 3/22-23 March 23, 26 we will continue with this mini Unit, "Start of Cold War and its effect on American Foreign Policy in the late 40's, early 50's". The last part of this unit is here Cold War March 23, 26 This would include a review of what's "due", start of period on Tuesday March 27, and the quiz on this mini unit March 28.
    ADJUSTED PLAN, SCHEDULE... WW2 Test on THURSDAY, 3/15. Review, discuss, seminar WW2 and the justification of atomic bombings used to end it the remainder of week. Writing assessment Monday-Wednesday 3/19-21.
    Completed next phases, learning targets of WW2 Unit. The parts of this unit students are supposed "to do" are highlighted and due start of period on Tuesday, 3/13 WW2 3/5-3/12. TEST ON WW2 WEDNESDAY 3/14, ATOMIC BOMBING EBC WRITING ASSESSMENT WILL BE DONE IN CLASS 3/14-3/16.
    All power points utilized in class are here too WW2 Two Fronts WW2 US Enters War Allies Win WW2 Impact of WW2 Holocaust
    2/21-3/2 Started our WW2 Unit...All that we have done, including what students should be "doing" in writing (highlighted) is here World War 2, 2/21-3/2 This work is "checkable/collectible" on Monday, 3/5 at the beginning of the period.
    Also, 1930's, New Deal, Great Depression quizzes are in the grade book and returned. There are very few students who are eligible to (completed formative/process work) and in need of (earned a C or below) redoing or retaking this quiz. But for the few that are in this category, they have been given the option of seeing me to discuss doing so. New Deal Presentation grades should be in the gradebook and feedback returned this week too. Students with a "missing" or "incomplete" must complete this assessment to earn partial or late credit, which will be a major improvement from a 0/20!
     2/12-2/16 Here are the details regarding the New Deal/Great Depression/1930's Presentation New Deal Presentation So, this week = working on ND Presentation, prepping/reviewing for 1930's, Great Depression, New Deal Quiz on 2/14, and starting WW 2 unit (Thursday and Friday).
     2/5-2/9 Our "meaningful, engaging, learning activites" (MELA's) for this week are here 1930's, New Deal, GD 2/5-2/9 The parts that students are supposed to have done are highlighted and are due Monday, 2/12 at the start of the period. We will have a 1930's/New Deal/Great Depression Quiz on Wednesday 2/14. One must have turned in both "MELA's" BY MONDAY 2/12 START OF THE PERIOD in order to earn a bonus on the quiz and to retain the "right" to do any retake/redo. Also, another summative project relative to this unit which we have already started working on and researching, will be introduced in more detail on Monday, 2/12.
    1/30-2/2 Our "meaningful, engaging, learning activites" MELA's for this week are here Great Dep, 1930's 1/30 thru 2/2 The parts that students are supposed to have done are highlighted and are due Monday, 2/5 at the start of the period. Power points relevant to this are here Causes of GDSuffering during GDPresidents Respond to GDL Link to video here 
    1/16-1/19/18 What we have done this week, including what's checkable/collectible on Monday 1/22 at the start of the period, is here 20's Unit 1/16-1/19. And the entire Prohibition-1920's Unit is here Prohib-20's Unit F 17-18 THE FORMATIVE WORK FOR THIS UNIT, CHECKED ON 1/8, 1/16, AND 1/22, WILL BE ACCEPTED "LATE" UP UNTIL 1/23/18 AT THE START OF THE PERIOD. Late work will earn less of a "bonus" on the last unit test than work turned in on time.
    Also, here are the details regarding the MAE Quiz, 1920's Test Redo/retake, or another extra credit opportunity (however one wants to characterize it) assessment MAE Quiz, 1920's Redo Option MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS........HAVE TO HAVE DONE THE FORMATIVE, ADDING 4 TOTAL SUMMATIVE POINTS TO YOUR GRADE (2 TO MAE QUIZ, 2 TO 20'S TEST)
    1/8-1/12/18  What we have done this week, checkable/collectible start of the period Tuesday 1/16, is here  20's Unit 1/8-1/12
    1/2-1/5/18 Extra Credit option introduced..Extra Credit Fall 17-18  What we "did" this first week back, checkable/collectible start of period on Monday, is here 1/2-1/5 Prohib, 20's
    12/11-15 Wrapping up MAE unit, which will culminate in a quiz on Dec 14. The quiz will include a little on WWI from an American perspective. WWI Notes, Pictures
    12/4-12/8 Continued MAE Unit, all activities are here Modern Am Emerges Dec 4-8, including power points Progressive Presidents Progressives and Minority Groups Activities that should be addressed in writing are highlighted, and these are due Monday, Dec 11 at the beginning of the period. We will cover a bit more on Monday/Tuesday, and then the MAE Quiz will be Thursday, Dec 14. All formative work for the unit must be in by Tuesday, Dec 12 at the latest!
    11/27-12/1 Started our Modern America Emerges Unit (MAE)....Activities, learning targets, "things students should have meaningfully completed" are highlighted. MAE Unit Nov 27-Dec 1These really should be done by the time they leave class on Dec 1, collectible/checkable on Monday, beginning of the period.
    Also, WIIU Quizzes returned 12/1...if one did the formative assignments for the WIIU Unit, and earned below a B on the quiz, 21/25, then they can do quiz corrections to raise a D/F to a C (18.5/25) or a C to a B (21/25). This involves taking a copy of the quiz with them, and then returning at the beginning of the period their quiz answers, the copy of the quiz, AND AN ACCURATE AND WELL THOUGHT OUT 2-3 SENTENCES FOR EACH WRONG ANSWER, DETAILING WHAT THE CORRECT ANSWER ACTUALLY SHOULD BE.
    11/13-17 WIIU 11/13 and 14   Nation of Cities PPT   We will conclude the Westward Expansion, Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization unit on Nov 13-14. All parts of this unit should be completed in class, and they will be "checked, collected" (except for 10/24-27 which was already checked on 10/30) on Tuesday 11/14 or Thursday 11/16 at the beginning of the period (last chance!!). We will take the WIIU Quiz on Thursday 11/16 and Friday 11/17, and there will be a WIIU in class writing assessment which is a part of this unit on Monday 11/20-Wednesday 11/22.
    11/8-9 WIIU activities...WIIU 11-8 and 9
    10/30-11/7 WIIU Unit Activities...
    10/30-31  What we are doing and hoping to learn, with Chromebooks and Pearson, other digital material, detailed here Unit 3, WIIU 10/30-31  
    10/26-27-  Basically everything that should be done by Friday, checkable/collectible at the start of the period Monday 10/30 is here Unit 3 WIIU 10/24-27 Also, we worked with the Pearson online materials on 10/27, relevant to learning targets:
    1) Analyze impact of the railroad and mining on the West
    2) Evaluate treatment of Chinese Immigrants and Mexican Americans in the West
    3) Discuss land/resource use in the West and conflicts relevant to this.
    10/23-25 Final discussion on Reconstruction Monday, 10/23 and then 10/24 and 10/25 we introduced, started the WIIU Unit (Unit 3). 
    UNIT 1 TESTS RETURNED, IN THE GRADE BOOK ON 10/25. If one completed all Unit 1 Formative assignments (3 of them), and they earned below a B (33.5/40), then they can do the redo assignment Unit 1 Test Redo to change an F or D grade to a C (30/40) or a C grade to a B (33.5/40). 
    10/11 and 10/12- (everything that was here from earlier in semester down below btw)
    What we did in class, introducing and setting up the Reconstruction "mini unit" is here Reconstruction 10/11-10/12 This INCLUDES WHAT'S DUE AT THE START OF THE PERIOD ON MONDAY 10/16!!!!!!!! 
     10/16-10/20 Learning target..."Evaluate why Reconstruction Failed". The activities, details, and essay related to this, are here Reconstruction Essay.
    9/11-9/19 The first part of Unit 1 Unit 1, Sept 11 thru Sept 13was collected, checked on 9/14-9/15 (or it's missing, not completed!) The second part of Unit 1 Unit 1 Sept 14 thru Sept 19 is due 9/20 or 9/21. If one cannot or will not complete these by 9/21, THEN THEY SHOULD BE COMING IN TO GET EXTRA HELP ON 9/21 (THURSDAY) AFTER SCHOOL!! 
     9/20-10/10- We will complete Unit 1, Unit 1, Civ War, 9/20-10/4 And this is due/checkable on 10/5 or, for "late credit", on 10/9 at the BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD (last chance!) SRJ not here 10/6, so don't turn in that day!! We will do extension, review activities in class 10/5, 10/6, and 10/9...TEST ON UNIT 1 TUESDAY 10/10!! YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING 10/4-10/9!!
    If one never turns in all parts of the Unit, completely done, then they have effectively forfeited the right to do any redo or retake if the summative assessment for Unit 1 does not go particularly well (and keep in mind these are in class activities, not "homework")...........we all want to avoid this!!!!!!!!!!!