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     Syllabus is here, reviewed in class since the start of the year, and in full detail 9/25. Please read, print off last page, and return the last page ASAP with a student and parent/guardian signature and information. Syllabus Fall 2018
    December 3-7 Continuing MAE unit with a focus on Women gaining rights MAE Dec 3, and Progressives relevance to minority groups and rights, along with Progressive Presidents MAE Dec 4. Power points discussed Dec 4 are here too Progressives and Minorities PPT Progressive Presidents. Later in the week, we turned to the Imperialism aspect of this time period in American history. MAE Dec 5-7 All of the MELA's for this week, which essentially complete the 2 week unit (MAE Part 1), are checkable/collectible on Monday 12/10. Having the MELA's done on time earns one a bonus on the assessment, and one must have them completed before the assessment to have any "right" to do a retake/redo, if applicable. The MAE Part 1 assessment will be Wednesday 12/12.
    November 26-Nov 30- Modern America Emerges Unit..("MAE") MAE 11/26-27 MAE Mass Culture PPT  After discussing Monday's reading/thinking, we will move to learning targets relevant to Progressivism, Muckrakers. MAE 11/27-28. And lastly, we'll examine how, despite all of the "Progress", there was still segregation and a lack of equal opportunity for many at the turn of the century MAE Nov 28-29
    November 13-16 We will wrap up our study of the late 1800's, early 1900's on November 13.  IIU Unit Nov 13 and pract quizThis document also has a review, practice "quiz". We have a summative QUIZ ON MOSTLY THE IMMIGRATION, INDUSTRIALIZATION, AND URBANIZATION ("IIU") ASPECTS OF THE LATE 1800'S, EARLY 1900'S ON FRIDAY 11/16. Also, we will continue to discuss the industrialists of this time period, and another part of this unit's assessment will be a related in class writing completed on November 20-22.
    Also, Westward Expansion Quizzes returned If one earned below a B, and they did the Westward Expansion MELA's, then they can turn in test corrections to improve their grade (D/F to a C, C to a B) on MONDAY 11/19 at the start of the period. Test corrections involve taking each wrong answer, and addressing/elaborating on what the correct answer should be IN A WELL THOUGHT OUT COUPLE OF SENTENCES.
    November 5-9 Continuing with our study of the late 1800's, early 1900's, with a focus on Indutrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization. IIU Mela's 11/1-11/6
    On November 7-8, IIU Mela's November 7, these two power points were shared, discussed. Populism PPT Corruption PPT and we broke down, analyzed Immigration in the late 1800's, early 1900's further via these MELA's IIU MELA's Nov 8-9 ALL THE MELA'S FROM THIS WEEK ARE CHECKABLE/COLLECTIBLE ON TUESDAY, 11/13.
    October 29-Nov 2-  MELA's from last week "checked" on 10/29. Then, we'll review our study of America's expansion into the West, post Civil War, late 1800's. Note that this entails review activities and quiz on Friday, November 2. West Expansion Fall 18 If one did the Westward Expansion MELA's, then they earned a bonus on the quiz and the "right" to do quiz corrections.
    October 22-25- Started our study of America's expansion into the West during the late 1800's. MELA's should be completed by Friday, 10/26 and I'd accept them Monday 10/29 as well. Westward Expansion MELA's
    October 15-18- Reconstruction Mini Unit, Reconstruction MELA's 10/15-18 and the summative assessment these MELA's ("A, B, and C") are leading to, Reconstruction Summative NOTE THAT THE FORMATIVE (A, B, AND C) MUST BE COMPLETED FIRST, BEFORE THE SUMMATIVE PARAGRAPH, AND THE SUMMATIVE PARAGRAPH IS DUE AT THE LATEST BY 7:30AM ON MONDAY OCTOBER 22!!
    ALSO.Unit 1 Assessments returned. For the Unit one test, if one earned below a B (25/30), and they did all the MELA's (9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/9 assignments are all Y's in other words) then they can do test corrections to raise a D/F to a C, C to a B. The need, eligibility to do this applies to only a few by the way. Test corrections involve:
    •  Taking your test
    • returning your test
    • Doing, returning corrections at the beginning of the period on Monday, October 22. "Corrections" involve writing 2-3 sentences for each wrong answer (an answer you didn't earn max points on) explaining what the actual complete, correct answer should be.

    Also, these are the first summative assessments, so perhaps the results have you really excited, or perhaps a little down, concerned. There is a long way to go in the semester, with much of the grade to be determined. So, I wouldn't get overly concerned. That being stated, do you need to change your habits moving forward to learn more and perform at a higher level??? IMHO, some of you do. For example, maybe get off your phone and do the formative work in class for starters.

    Continuing with the Civil War, focusing on the impact of this conflict and war itself, here are the MELA's for October 1-8 Oct 1-8 MELA's. These are checkable/collectible Tuesday Oct 9 or Wednesday Oct 10 (last chance before the test October 11!!!). If one does not have all of the MELA's completed for Unit 1 by October 10, BEFORE THE TEST, then among other concerns they have forfeited the "right" to do any test redo, retake!!!!!!! 
    Last part of Unit 1 involves a review of the Civil War. This document represents what we did in class more or less September 24-27, regarding the causes of and start of the Civil War. These MELA's, "do" the highlighted, are due Monday Oct 1 beginning of period. Causes of, Start of Civil War
    September 17-21- MELA's for this week are here, Sept 17-21 MELAS Anything that students are supposed to "do" is highlighted. This work, thinking will be collected/checked start of class on Monday 9/24. I believe, as I'll try to do moving forward, this was noted on Canvas, Canvas calendar too.
    9/12 and 9/13 MELA's
    9/10 and 9/11 M.E.L.A's (meaningful, engaging, learning activities)
    MELA's from this week, due/collectible/checkable START OF THE PERIOD Monday 9/17. Here they are again, in one document, with what you are "supposed to do" highlighted Unit 1 MELA's, Sept 10-14 . All of this is important, part of the MELA's, testable, etc.........but again, what's highlighted I'd like to see a response from you, either hand written and turned in and/or digitally.
    I believe I put this "assignment" on the Canvas calendar too. But is it an "assignment"??? Sort of, to me (us hopefully), it is more activities we did in class, intended to work towards learning targets and I'm checking your progress by collecting it. It's a formative category, which counts for 0% of the grade, BUT........one cannot do any retakes/redo's of summative work unless the formative work has been attempted, completed.
    Need help?? After school Monday Sept 17!!!!!!!!
    Best contact is my email, sjohnson@everettsd.org
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