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    9/17-18 MELA's
    9/12 and 9/13 MELA's
    9/10 and 9/11 M.E.L.A's (meaningful, engaging, learning activities)
    MELA's from this week, due/collectible/checkable START OF THE PERIOD Monday 9/17. Here they are again, in one document, with what you are "supposed to do" higlighted Unit 1 MELA's, Sept 10-14 . All of this is important, part of the MELA's, testable, etc.........but again, what's highlighted I'd like to see a response from you, either hand written and turned in and/or digitally.
     I believe I put this "assignment" on the Canvas calendar too. But is it an "assignment"??? Sort of, to me (us hopefully), it is more activities we did in class, intended to work towards learning targets and I'm checking your progress by collecting it. It's a formative category, which counts for 0% of the grade, BUT........one cannot do any retakes/redo's of sumative work unless the formative work has been attempted, completed.
    Need help?? After school Monday Sept 17!!!!!!!!
    Best contact is my email, sjohnson@everettsd.org
    Steve Johnson