The AP Exam is in May and costs approximately $93.00.  It is recognized internationally and is accepted for credit by most universities with a "4" or a "5". 
    We will register for the AP Exam starting in February and March and the school will help students get started on this process.  
    If students score well on the AP Exam, I will RAISE their grade for the year (as long as 75% of the homework is completed) - 3 = B; 4 = A-; 5 = A.
    The EVCC credit is another possibility.  The cost is approximately $250.00 (although it varies with each course) and students will get the credit while taking the class in Jackson High School.  Students must apply by OCTOBER 16th and you have until November 20th to register and pay online. 
    For more information, go to http://www.EverettCC.edu/chs  or email: CollegeinHS@everettcc.edu  or call 425-267-0150 or 0153.  Students DO NOT have to take the compass test.
    ****The EVCC credit will not necessarily be accepted outside the state (although some colleges do accept the credit), so students may have to check on their own.
    1. NEW STUDENTS* MUST REGISTER FOR ADMISSION BY OCTOBER 16 (15 minute process, several questions, social security # and possibly a question or two a parent needs to answer)
    Then.... wait for your e-mail saying that you are registered and have a student number (usually takes about 2-4 weeks - DON'T WORRY....you will be able to register for the class!)
    2. Complete the program application and

    *If you have already done an EVCC class before, you do not have to register for admission again