• Grading Breakdown for all choirs


    Summative Assessment Total 75%

    Concert/Performance 50%: Be on time for performances, ready to sing which means wearing the appropriate concert attire. Concert behavior is also part of this assessment.

    Theory Assessments 10%: Students will have written and aural music theory assessments throughout the semester.

    Proficiency Tests 15%: Students will be tested on their music parts in groups and individually leading up to performances.


    Formative Assessment Total 25%

    Daily Rehearsal Technique 20%: students will be assessed on their rehearsal techniques as outlined in the syllabus. Every ten days their rehearsal technique assessment will be graded based on a 4 point scale.

    Homework 5%: There is a wide range of homework assignments that will be given throughout the semester ranging from research, music theory, sight singing, and part practicing.