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    April 13-17 Welcome Back! By the end of the week on Google Classroom I will have posted some messages, information and an activity. Check there please, email me if you are having trouble utilizing Google Classroom and/or if you want me to get this activity and information to you another way. Stay well and stay safe!!


    March 30-April 3-

    Hello Students-
    I miss seeing you in class every day and hope you are well. I will try to help you and your learning by putting the following on Google Classroom this week.
    1) Another Vocabulary Review
    2) A World War 2 Unit Review
    3) Details on how will try to connect online this week
    March 31 Review
    Take Care, Be Safe!
    Mr. Johnson


    March 24 I put another review on Google Classroom. That is where students should access it and turn it back in to me. The review is also here March 24 Review I hope you are doing well!


    March 20- Hey Guys! I miss seeing you in class and we don't want all of the incredible improvement you have made in your learning and English to go to waste! So, you will see I have posted a review assignment.  3/20/20 Review  This assignment is to help you remember earlier learning and earlier vocabulary. Take care and be safe, more from me next week.


    ALSO, the message above and review is on Google Classroom, which is the place I want you to "go" while we are out of school. Most of you have joined our Google Classroom, if you have not, here is the class code. 

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    World War 2 World War 2 Vocabulary 




    Boom to Bust Unit Boom to Bust Project Due to Mr Johnson Wednesday 2/26 and on 2/26 you will "present" your story.






     America Becomes a World Power Imperialism-Foreign Trade Differences, 12/18

    Reform and Reformers, 12/2-12/6  Reformers 12/3/19


    Introduction to Immigration. 11/13  Immigration Intro   Introduction to Industrialization Introduction to Industrialization











    September 9-27 Review Unit, early America up through a new Constitution. First test on Monday, September 29, test review is here First Unit Test Review