• National Achievers:  
    On Oct 2, all the seniors went to a meeting in which they got a packet from National Achievers and filled out a reservation card for their cap and gown. 
    PLEASE look for that packet of information in case you want to order graduation announcements, grad party invitations, rings, etc...  Please make sure that your child has filled out and TURNED IN their reservation card ASAP.  If they have not, contact National Achievers (below) or visit the Jackson front office.

    National Achiever
    Caps, gowns, graduation related attire
    13027 Bothell Everett Hwy St E, Everett, WA 98208  
    (425) 357-1338   |    www.nationalachiever.com
    Important Upcoming Dates
    Please look on the Senior Information Page or the monthly pages under Senior Information
    Inspiration Night: Talent & Performers
    Please contact Kathi Webber kwebber149@gmail.com if you would like to perform at Inspiration Night
    High School and Beyond Night - October 10
    College and Scholarship Information
    Scholarship/Career Info 

    Jackson High School will continue to update you on events and in March/April, we will have a brochure of what to expect for graduation.  I will attach last year's example so that parents who would like to know ahead of time, can take a look.