• CAP & GOWN INFORMATION - Class of 2020

    Last year was the 25th anniversary of the opening of Jackson High School. We have been working with National Achiever Services this year to create a custom cap and gown that will unify JHS graduates into the next quarter-century. This custom gown will be a forest green gown with black trim and we currently have an actual sample on display in the main office (an image is also attached for your reference). In addition, each graduate will wear a JHS commencement medallion to further exemplify their achievement and school identity.

    There may be several current seniors who were planning on reusing a sibling's previous set of regalia. However, a new cap and gown unit will have to be purchased for each of the graduates of 2020. When ordering your cap and gown, please choose cap and gown “UNIT”. The cap and gown unit is a complete package and will include everything your graduate will need for the graduation ceremony.

    CLICK HERE for information about how to order your graduation products.

    Q: If we already ordered the cap and gown unit, will we still receive this gown specificed above?
    A: All orders that have been placed during this current school year will include the new graduation gowns.

    Q: I purchased a cap and gown set from Herff Jones... is this different?
    A: You're in good shape... National Achiever is directly affiliated with Herff Jones.  All orders that have been placed during this curret school year will include the new graduation gowns.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to National Achiever Services at 425-357-1338 / NationalAchieverOrders@gmail.com.

    Cap and Gown