• Yearbook

    Congratulations! You’ve made it to your senior year! As a senior, you get to choose how you will be featured and remembered in the Jackson High School Yearbook with a portrait (photograph) and quote. Senior portraits and quotes for the yearbook are both due by Friday, October 15.

    Form: Senior Portrait and Senior Quotes  


    Dorian Photography will take photos for student IDs, so if you do not submit a senior portrait, we will use your student ID photo. However, many seniors choose to submit an alternative photograph. If you choose to do so, your photo should be in vertical (portrait) orientation with a ratio of 2” W x 3” H (wallet size). No gag photos or selfies and no studio names or watermarks. Please use your Everett Public Schools Google Account to access the Google Form at https://tinyurl.com/jhsseniorpics to submit the highest quality jpg file of your senior portrait by Friday, October 15. Photos must be submitted digitally.


    Your senior quote will be published under your senior portrait. Thank you for being a part of this tradition! Read the directions carefully and fill in the form linked on the senior page. Please submit your completed form form to the main office at Jackson High School by Friday, October 15.  


    All Senior Tributes are due by Friday, December 3, 2021.

    Questions?  Contact Ms. Tobin