• Photo Submissions

    In order to make the 2012-2013 EHS yearbook include everyone's favorite memories, the Nesika year­book staff this year would like to receive photos from many different students. Photos may be submitted via e-mail to EHSyearbook2013@gmail.com. CD or USB of digital images and print photos that need to be scanned may be dropped off in room A-306. Digital images 5.0 megapixels or higher are preferred. Please do not copy pictures from the Internet (such as Facebook) because picture quality is reduced when they are uploaded to a site.

    We are currently seeking photos of:

    • Summer Activities


    Please include names of all students in each photo, as well as the students' permission for use of photo, and a descrip­tion of each photo. All stu­dents are encouraged to drop off photos of events as they occur, whenever an event takes place.


    All pictures that are submitted will be reviewed for use by the yearbook staff.

    We will not guarantee the usage of any pictures that are submitted.

    In addition, should the staff decide to use a submitted picture, we will not be able to credit the person submitting the photo.

    Photos submitted may also be used in additional EHS yearbooks promotions or publications.